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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Pagosa Springs, CO to Moab, Utah and Ghost Mountain, Utah, Homeward Bound!

Good morning Ghost Mountain, Utah! 😱😊

Fell asleep to a gentle rain, woke up to a little SNOW! 💙

Rest area at mm 117..Ghost Mountain, Utah 

 Friday the 21st we left the campground and headed just a few miles to Pagosa Springs, CO.  Such a cute town and the guy in the office told us not much had changed except there was a Walmart on the outskirts of town. Town was still adorable, and the Walmart was quite a ways out. Much better than Santa Fe, NM.  

We visited Walmart for some stock up and then it was time to play tourist. We parked down near the river and visited the Chamber to see what they had. We got a recommendation for Linner from the gal in the office. 

We walked the stores for an hour and half or so..touristie, but much better than Santa Fe. Ken bought a belt at the thrift store for Halloween. That was it though.

Around 1330 we headed for Beny's Mexican Restaurant. OH so yummy! Ken had a 32oz beer and I had a great pour of wine.  The food was excellent along with their homemade salsa. 

We took our time and then headed back to camp where Happy Hour continued. 

Saturday morning I set the alarm for 0530 and then woke Ken nearing 0545. We left the park around 0900. We've got to head towards home now as we've got company coming on Friday. 😃

The drive from Pagosa Springs to Moab was awesome,  so many farms and ranches. We followed highway 191, instead of an interstate. Lots of passing lanes so we never had to worry about that. Of course WE don't really pass anyone LOL. We had lunch in the trailer near Moab, and the drive was awesome from there to the rest area on I-70/50 at exit 117. We have avoided freeways so far, but this is one of the best. Little traffic and semis. 

Chimney Rock National Monument..closed for the season

Coming up the entrance to Mesa Verde NP...we were there a few 
years ago. Amazing place! 

Coming into the Moab area..Just an incredible area!

First one of these I've seen, a small fifth wheel on the trailer and 
room for your ATV too!! 


Around 1600 we pulled into the rest area at mm 117. We were able to run the generator and watch a few movies, keep the heater going and just enjoy the evening. We will be falling asleep to gentle rain on the roof. Does it get any better?? We could be home on Monday, but think we're gonna slow it down and make it Tuesday. Gosh darn I love vacation, but love going back home! 

Time to hit the road 😊


  1. So many beautiful areas! We need to get back down that way again, it has been too long.

  2. Beautiful views. The snow, not so much though. Haha. Safe travels.


    1. I knew you wouldn't like the snow LOL. The rest is incredibly beautiful ..Utah, one of my most favorite states!

  3. We loved Moab too, every where you look, gorgeous. I agree with Deb - yeuch to the snow. Not even pretty to me right now! haha

  4. Nope ..... no snow for me when in the trailer. I'd have to stay there until it melted, which I did once in Reno!! Gorgeous country. Sorry you have to go home so soon!! To more snow, right??