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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Illipah camping, Lunch in Milford Utah to Cedar City Utah


Senior Spotlight! 💙

 Thursday morning we left home around 1030.  We would have liked earlier but it was what it was. 

We decided to head out on Highway 50..The Loneliest Highway..hahaa. NOT! We've done 50 many (and I mean many) times over the years. Lots of trucks on this route now..but not as many as Highway 95. 

Great ride until Eureka when we were stopped by NHP and told to pull over because there was a wide load coming. After about 30 minutes of waiting I told Ken why don't I go in the trailer and make sandwiches.  We had a nice lunch, and of course the wide load came through during that time. 

This is the Tonka toy we waited for  LOL. 

The aspens were gorgeous! 

We continued on and ended up at Illipah Campground just outside of Ely. We love this place. It was actually the less crowded than we've ever seen it! We found a place and parked. Happy Hour happened after that when Ken started a fire! 

Happy Hour at Illipah 

The campfire was definitely needed!

Great spot for FREE! 

Lake Cumins outside Ely, Nevada 

At the entrance to Great Basin National Park

Dinner was easy as we had left over pork from home. Temps were cool, so   and after a while we went inside.

 The Illipah campground is a great place to be. Covers to protect you from the wind, fire pits, tables, and pit toilets. All for free! Tons of places for ATV's, Side by Sides Etc to ride! There's a reservoir for fishing etc too. 

We left there early morning after having coffee. It was about 0630 we left and went to Ely to get to gas. We got to Lake Cumins about 0730 where I made breakfast and we had showers. A beautiful place to be. It was 28 degrees at that time! Once we were finished we headed out, around 0900.   

A great drive down Highway 50 to 487 out of Great Basin area and then to Milford, Utah where we took on water, had lunch and stopped at the local grocery store to pick up ice.  They have a free dump, water and a campground that doesn't cost a thing.  No hook ups but a great place! 

The camping area in Milford, Utah 

Our lunch spot in Milford, UT

We left there not quite sure where we were going, but ended up at RJourneys RV Park in Cedar City Utah. Nice place, you can tell it used to be a KOA years ago by the shape fo the roof. $47.00 with full hook ups for the night. Last night was free, so averages out to a pretty cheap two days. 

Very busy, lots of Canadian plates too! 😁

We're hoping to only go about 28 miles today to a NFS campground and then check out Cedar Breaks National Monument. We will see..otherwise we keep heading east. Our plan is to avoid the interstate as much as possible. 😀

Have a great Saturday! We're heading out! 😍


  1. Looks like a nice uneventful ride through beautiful country.

  2. Gotta love those free campsites. Barb and I are always on the hunt for free camping. We love that area of Utah, especially this time of year!

    1. Ken actually brought you guys up when it came to free campsites yesterday :) Yes, the colors are beautiful and southern Utah is my favorite!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for following along! We are definitely enjoying!

  4. Love the ride and the stops. Campfire, adult beverages, the desert, and your sweetie (not necessarily in that order) I think you are a truly rich woman. Enjoy.


    1. Thank you Deb, and you are right I am a rich woman! He does spoil me rotten :)

  5. That highway is my all time favorite, as is Ely. Haven't stopped at those camping spots though. Ken obviously has parking abilities. Maybe he can give me lessons.

    1. Haha. Yes he is good at parking and backing up! Seems to me you do just fine getting your fifth wheel in that cover of yours!