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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chicken on the Pit Boss :) Woodstove hooked up, J and K's anniversary and my sister's too!


Other than a trip to Walmart and Raley's in Gardnerville this week we've mostly been home. Nice to go, but nice to come home too! 

Fill your gas tanks! 2 days ago in town gas was $4.77, yesterday was $5.17 and today $5.47 ! So ridiculous and I'm sure it's higher in the bigger cities and other states like CA. 😱

Monday, Ken decided to try cooking some chicken thighs again on the Pit Boss. He marinated in the sugar free barbecue sauce we like, G. Hughes, original. Cooked them up to perfection! 

He's got it down! I don't like thighs, but these tasted awesome! 

After Walmart on Tuesday we stopped at Dini's in town to have some lunch. We've always had great service and food there. Food was awesome but the service was terrible and us and another couple were all that were in there. They had 5 girls on, but sounded like they were all in the back flirting with the cook. Very disappointed. 

We thought we'd try breakfast and not our regular girls on and again horrible service. I know they changed hands a few months back, hopefully these were just 1 time things. We shall see sometime down the road. 

Ken has a couple of projects going.  He wanted to get the wood stove hooked up in the outdoor kitchen. 

It's been sitting in the corner for a few months..

He got the hole cut just like he wanted. This is temporary until we find 2 metal
signs to go around the pipe, but it works! 

We both agreed that straight is boring LOL. Just need a chimney top for it!

                           Got our Midtown Marketplace find hung! Can never
                                                  have too  many hearts!

We had awesome skies πŸ’™

Love our lights, but I told Ken we need another strand to brighten it for 
when we eat out there. 

A little closer view of the chimney and he's got the fire bricks in too!

I love watching smoke come out of a chimney..really can't see it much
but trust me, it was there! 😊

Of course, we HAD to have a fire to see if it works, and yes it does! 

Today, Ken scraped and caulked the far side of the garage, that we never got to last year when we painted the house and everything else. Looks like tomorrow is painting day to get that side done. We have the backside wall of the garage to do too but Ken's got a lot of wood and stuff out there, so we'll see when we get that done. 

John and Karen's 10th anniversary is today, so I put together a little package for them to send with her to Coarsegold for the weekend. We are babysitting the hairy kids until Monday.  They stay at her house and we go visit and spend a couple of nights or more depending on how depressed they are LOL. 

My sister, Wendy and her hubby are celebrating 38 years today. Happy Anniversary you two. πŸ’—

Can't believe another month has gone by already. Looks like Saturday we'll be going to the Outhouse Races in Virginia City.  We really enjoy those races! LOL. 

Enjoy the weekend! Happy Hour coming up with the hairy kids! 🍷🍺🐩🐢


  1. Happy Anniversary to your sister and hubby and to J&K as well. There is nothing like a wood stove for warmth and that cozy feeling. Outhouse races sound hilarious and fun. Have a great week.


    1. Thank you Deb! First thing we did was put a wood stove in the house when we moved here. Can't imagine not having one, which is why I'm glad we've got the one in the outdoor kitchen :) The outhouse races are both of those things, which is why we go back LOL.

  2. Those outhouse races are hilarious!! Have fun!!! Happy Anniversary to both couples. Yessirree ... I see smoke coming out that chimney. How cool!!!

    1. Yes they are! Thank you! Yep, love the smoke. Just gives it a homey feeling :)

  3. The stove looks great! What is it with service these days? It seems like good service is a rarity.