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Friday, December 29, 2017

Fun with the grandkids..Ken's sick..I lost a day somewhere..

Wednesday at about 1100 or so Eric pulled up with Mason and Aaron so he saved me a trip over the hill and we got the bonus of Eric spending the night.  After greetings we came inside and i made them some ham sandwiches for lunch with some of my sisters potato salad.  

We visited a while and Ken and I had lunch of salad at about 1300.  It was a really nice day so decided to run over to the gun range and let the boys shoot guns a while.  Ken had his new one he picked up a few weeks ago to add to the mix.  

Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge...

Mason, Eric, Aaron, and Ken

Eric watching Mason

Eric and Ken


Aaron while he waits his turn


Aaron, Ken and Mason

Aaron shooting the new revolver

Ken, Eric, and Mason

Mason shooting a revolver for the first time..

The boys always enjoy so we spent a good hour or more out there.  Then it started to get cold so home we came.  I put out some snacks and Ken mentioned his stomach was a little queasy so maybe he was hungry..Don't think that was it as a little bit later he felt terrible and went to bed.  Now you know he's  sick when he has the chance to visit with his son, have a fire outside and drink a few beers together. We didn't see him the rest of the night as he went from cold to hot, to vomiting..not good.  Poor guy. 

Made some dinner for the boys and Eric and I got caught up.  We didn't go outside and make a fire, but had a nice one in the house.  We headed to bed at about 2330.  I slept on the couch as I didn't want to get sick.  Eric, Ken and I were all up by 0500 and Ken said he felt better.  

Yay..he had some coffee and because Eric was leaving today we headed for Dini's for a breakfast out.  He left from there and we came back home.  
My good looking guys...Ken, Eric, Mason and Aaron..:)

After lunch we decided to head for the BLM for some atv riding.  The boys enjoyed it much.  They always do.  Joe and Stacey, next door got a new Jeep Trailhawk so they decided to try out the 4 wd so they joined us.  As soon as the sun lowered behind the mountains we headed home.  It gets cold quickly. 
Joe and Stacey's new ride..

Climbing hills at the BLM land



The boys riding..


Ken and Joe keeping an eye on them boys..

Up the mountain they go..

Aaron on the 700..he needs a new helmet..(he was stopped here)


Ready to ride!

Sun's going down..

Ken was bar b quing burgers for Mason, Aaron and me.  He was going to work on the leftovers.  He made a great fire in the fire pit outside so I sat with him while he worked on the hamburgers.  The boys chose to stay inside. haha..
Our fire in the fire pit..cold outside..

Mason in the hair..Aaron on the couch..just veggin ...

A great dinner and then Ken didn't feel good again.  He couldn't finish his plate (so you know he's sick).  Back to bed he went and into the guest room I went.  

This morning (Friday) he's better so we'll see what the day holds.  

We are going next door to Karen and John's place for New Years Eve.  I told the boys i need to go to Walmart in Fernley and then we'd go out for pizza while we're there.  Whether to go on Thursday or Friday?  Decided to go Friday as that would give us a day at home to do some things..OK.  So I got to set my alarm last night and it won't let me set it for Thursday..well, duh..It WAS Thursday..I totally lost a day as I was sure it was Wednesday!  So now I'm all confused and don't know when I'm going to Walmart...hahahaahh...uhhhh...

Have a wonderful day!  


  1. Looks like a fun day with the guys. It is so easy to loose a day when we are retired, everyday is pretty much the same,

    1. You're so right..as I got up this am I asked Ken "is this Friday or Saturday"...geezz

  2. Sorry to read Ken is not feeling well.
    Looks like your grandsons are having a fun visit.
    Being retired makes losing a day here or there sort of fun...:)

  3. Sorry to hear that Ken is fighting a flu bug. Bill is trying to share his cold with me and tonight it might be working. He isn't really, doesn't want me sick either.
    Losing a day is par for the course, you are not alone. You're having a fun visit with those boys for sure!

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