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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas shopping at Cabela's oh oh..ho ho..ho...SNOW this am! :)

We woke to a dusting! :)

Thursday morning we took off after breakfast here at home.  The new USA Parkway was closed so we went up to Carson City and then to South Reno. Stopped at US Bank so Ken could put some money in and then to Cabela's to pick up his new handgun and holster.  

We have a frozen river on Goldfield Ave in town..

The hot springs heading toward Silver Springs

Washoe Lake still has a lot of water..

Coming into Reno, air quality is really bad..

The big boys toy store!

Air quality is really really bad...

Of course while we were there I had to do some looking and finding a few gifts for some of our male family members.  Ken came and said guess who's here? No clue.  Bill Crooks, his wife Misty and son Tate. Ken used to work with Bill and we've seen them at different parties we've been to.  They were on their way back from Las Vegas where they had attended the JR National Rodeo.  Tate, who's 10 rides bucking ponies and he participated.  They'd been in Vegas for the last 8  days.  Tate is ranked #17 in the nation in his age group for bucking ponies. Way to go Tate!  We talked for about 15 minutes and then we said our goodbyes.  

Continued shopping for a bit and then off we went.  I had ordered something from Macy's so we headed to Meadowood Mall to pick it up and then it was time to head for Gardnerville.  Stopped at Tractor Supply to pick up something and then it was 1330!  Time for lunch! Where else, Carson Valley Inn.  We had one of our favorite waitresses, Carmen and a great lunch.  After that, even though we needed to stop at Walmart we decided to head home.  That's what tomorrow's for right? 

So, Friday morning we headed to Dini's for breakfast.  I had texted Stacey and her mom to see if they wanted to meet there, but mom had a nail appointment. We walked inside and Joe and Stacey were there.  Joe had gone to Hawthorne and spent the night, got home early and so we joined them at their table.  A little later, our other neighbor, Karen came in to have breakfast with her daughter and grandkids.  Gotta love small town living! 

We headed for Walmart and did our shopping.  Headed back home after that and just enjoyed the rest of the day! We watched the Christmas movie Deck the Halls and had a few snacks for a late lunch. Leftovers for dinner.  

This morning we awoke to a light dusting of SNOW!  Love, love it! Looked so pretty!  Most of it's gone this evening while I write this, but that's the way we like it.  
This morning from our house..

This afternoon...

I spent most of the day, making a pork roast in the crockpot, and wrapping the gifts we picked up.  How quickly the day goes.  We had Direct TV out and got an upgraded system (guess ours was outdated).  That took a few hours, but seems to be working nicely now.  Steve, the tech guy was really a nice man out of Hawthorne, NV.  Of course like most of us he's a California transplant.  

My cousin, Erika from Austria (where my mom was born and raised) has a daughter, Lilli, who sent me these pictures this morning. Erika is about 70 and suffering from Alzheimers. It seems to be progressing quickly and she has 24/7 care at home.  Lilli and her siblings are trying to keep her home as long as possible.  Lilli and Erika were going through old pictures this morning, so she sent these to me.  She said Erika needs a lot of help, but she is still as sweet as ever.  Oh so young.  Erika's mom, my Tante Kathi died of it as well as my Oma (grandma) my mom was in the beginning stages when she passed.  So sad...
This was in Austria..My mom pregnant
with my sister Linda, holding my mom's hand
me, Wendy in back ground..Daddy and my cousin

A Christmas card..from left..Wendy,
Linda, and me..

Swimming in Austria..Daddy, Erika,
Me with the ball and Wendy..

Both me..the bottom one was in Sacramento
near Mather AF Base, where daddy was

Love these old pictures..sure doesn't seem that long ago.  Have a great evening.


  1. You sound so excited about the snow! funny how when you travel so far to get away from it, excitement would be the last feeling we'd feel if we woke to it. We're so spoiled already! I'm glad you enjoy it though since that is where you are right now. :)
    Love the old pictures too, and you know how i feel about dementia. 70 is far too young. :(

    1. I love when it snows here, just because it doesn't happen often and it's gone quickly. Seeing Al and Kelly's pics I know I don't want to live in it! Dementia is a horrible disease and like your mom, Erika is just the sweetest thing...

  2. So much fun looking at old pictures , amazing how quickly those years flew by.

    1. Yes they do..and now especially they go even quicker which is why (like you) we have to enjoy every day!

  3. Very nice picture of the cabin and outhouse in the snow. Good thing you grabbed a picture before it melted. I know it doesn't last long there.

    I put a cool link with my name, if you like geeky stuff anyway lol.

    1. Very cool Don! Patsy from Chillin with Patsy follows it too! I had no idea how to know when it's over. I like how I click on your name and these things pop up..:)