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Sunday, June 28, 2020

No UTV yet! Fallon vendor fair, Lake Lahontan and campers, A new toy for Eric..

Saturday morning we got ourselves up and going early as we had an 1 1/2 hour trip to Reno to look at the UTV.  We had our coffees and visiting with our blogging friends to see what they're up to. It was going to be 104 degrees by the time our day ended. 

I made breakfast burritos to eat on the way to Reno and they certainly hit the spot. We walked into Mike's Reno Powersports just close to 0930.  We found Brandon and then he found out that the UTV hadn't been put together yet. He said the guys were working on it and it would be a few hours. :((  He said he would call us when it was done. Uh huh. 

We left there and went by Custom Trucks to order some side steps for the Tundra.  It's got handles inside that I can pull myself up into the truck, but these will make it a lot easier. Not that it's that high...but it's a truck! They had taken down all their signs and x's on the floor etc. Other than the plastic partition, business as usual. Good for them. 

Ok, what to do now? Let's head for Fallon and visit Just Country Friends and their vendor sale.  We figured it was getting late enough in the day we'd come back on Sunday and look at the UTV as their wasn't anything we wanted in Reno. 
Going in my kitchen..Live, Laugh, Love Only $2.00..

Tons of buttons "dream"..only $4.00..

It was nearing 100 degrees in Fallon but we still enjoyed browsing through the vendors. Probably 20 or so. I only spent $14.00 so not bad.  The wind was crazy though so that helped with the heat. 
I love gingham aprons..$5.00..There's another little sign I bought
"Enjoy the little things"..

It was nearing 1400 so time to find some linner.  Headed for Stockmans Casino and Restaurant. In the lobby was a woman with a table and masks. Could't understand her, which just makes me mad. The just of it was even though the restaurant was 3 steps in you had to wear a mask. You could see people eating with their masks on their necks. Nope, not happening. 

We went down to the Depot Casino and Restaurant we were able to walk in and walk to the restaurant, no problem there. We had a delicious meal and then headed back towards home. 

We decided to stop by Lake Lahontan and see how the weekend was going. Going it was!! The placed was packed with trailers, people, boats, toys you name it! Can't imagine how next weekend being 4th of July will be! 

I love you can camp right on the water!

Trailers everywhere!

Trailers camped all along the beach

What a party!

A bunch of kids having fun in the water..

Headed home and settled in.  It was just too windy and hot to be outside so in we stayed. We never heard from Brandon all day by the way. 

Sunday morning during blog reading time I had a comment from my friend, Donna (traveling granny).  Told us about the place where they bought their UTV so decided to check it out. I emailed them and we'll see what they have to say tomorrow (Sunday they're closed).  Hoping it works out as it will be a little bigger motor than what we're looking at here. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

Ken's been outside working on my table for the little porch area out back. I've been holed up in the house mostly getting things done in here. Finally turned on the a/c right before I sat down to start this. Then off after about 1/2 hour. 

No call today either from Brandon at the dealer..but that's ok, want to see what happens with Utah tomorrow. 

A work in progress..but I'm loving it!

Our middle son, Eric and family bought this new toy last night.  We didn't know they were thinking about it, but Congrats to them. 

2019 Can Am turbo RC..It's the Rock Crawling Edition..low range and lockers. Love the colors and the look. Congrats! Fun times for you all!

Ken came in after getting his tools put away so it's Happy Hour time with the hubby! Have a great evening.  

Don't forget to make the most out of living!


  1. LOVE those rock crawlers ... I just don't want to be IN one when they crawl over those crazy big rocks!!! That campground looks nice, but I would have to be parked far away from the noise. It's funny, I don't remember even being allowed to talk in a regular voice at our campgrounds. Can't wait to see your new ride. Hope you can hook up with something soon!!

    1. Yeah no big rocks for me either! I like trails or sand mountain! Really can't even call it a campground, as they find places to park and set up along the beach. Too crowded for me, which is why we go during the week :) Yeah me too keep your fingers crossed that we'll have a trip to Utah!

  2. Glad you are finding ways to beat the heat.
    Nice looking Machines.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. thanks guys! We will see what we end up with eventually!