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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Seth Promotes..cleaning the Jayco and Zuchinni Pizza for dinner!

Best news of the week!  Seth got promoted to Private First Class, the next rank in the Marines.  Looks like it was a pretty early ceremony for him and some of the other guys!  Way to go Seth! We are very proud of our Marine😍💙

He got his package Monday also and said everyone loved it! Going to get another ready to send soon! 

Monday we headed to Reno to make sure we had the pink slip in the safety deposit box.  Yes it was there! We headed to Kohl's as they had towels on sale and a girl's gotta have something new for the new trailer, right ladies?! Because it is new I could go crazy with new stuff..but I'm not..(at least I think I'm not)....
I did order some new pots and pans as mine were pretty bad and some new Pioneer Woman plastic nesting bowls..well, they're a lot lighter than glass, right..( of course I didn't really have glass bowls in the Jayco either) LOL..

Ken's been busy doing what he needs to do getting the Jayco ready to go.  Yesterday afternoon he washed it, and because the weather never got above 30 or so..the water on the concrete turned to ice! He fixed all the little things that needed to be fixed (Remember Doug I told you that's what happens! LOL) ..I spent the day getting everything out of the inside of the trailer and emptying it out! How could that little 19 foot trailer have all that stuff!!! So glad I didn't have to empty something like Rick and Kathy have or Bill and Patsy and many of our friends! UHHHH...Not fun!! 
Yesterday was 6 degrees..today 17 a heat wave!!
Patsy, here's the inside of the Jayco..it worked for us..but I can't wait for the new one!

The counter space..I used to put a large cutting board over the sink to make things


Ken added this fold up extension a few years ago..lifesaver!

Bed in the corner..making it sucked...sometimes claustrophobia would set in
for me..

Bathroom was a nice size..no complaints there...

20 foot of living..bye bye..good memories too :(

Wednesday morning found me wide awake at 0230.  Finally about 0440 I fell back to sleep and awoke at 0600! Stuff to be done, so it felt like that was really late! I did get Grandson Adam's taxes done and e filed. Ken got his stuff done inside the trailer and then I did a final mopping. :( ) Mixed feelings...lots of good memories in that trailer! Lot's from this last summer time with the boys!

I made some banana bread and some flourless muffins. I had three zuchinni squash so what else, pizza!  Looks yummy! 
Banana bread left and flourless muffins right :) 

 Zuchinni Pizza before the oven..Ken's on the right mine left..

Time for dinner!!

So we'll see what happens tomorrow, we have a 1400 appointment in Reno to do the walk through and drop off the trailer.  Keep you posted :)) 

Have a great night..time for dinner and wine and a beer!! :) 


  1. Nice to see Seth has already gotten his first Promotion.
    You will be amazed at the difference a single slide makes but that walk around bed will make you wonder why you waited so long.
    Whether you use it for Recreation or Fulltiming in an RV you learn to make due with little space so every cubic inch is filled.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the larger trailer.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick! I'm really hoping not to put as much stuff in this trailer as was in the Jayco..we really don't need it. Why do i need 27 glasses..LOL..Yep we're excited!!

  2. Good job Seth!! You are right, that trailer has NO counter space. You definitely have more BED space in the new one. Have fun setting it up and stay WARM!!

    1. Yep we're proud of that boy for sure! Already biting at the bit to get it set up!!

  3. Way to go, Seth! That's awesome!
    Thank you for the pictures of the Jayco. It is also a very nice trailer but you've made a great upgrade! :)
    Have fun with the new stuff - that is a MUST for some things! :D

    1. Oh yeah, this one is huge compared to the Jayco!! Can't wait to get started on it!!

  4. Congratulations to Seth, way to go!
    A new home on wheels does deserve new stuff...:) Have fun!!!
    Looking forward to more pictures of your new place. Hugs

    1. Thank you! Oh you know there will be pictures!! :)

  5. Congrats to Seth and all the newly promoted personnel. What an amazing achievement.
    A new home always deserves something new but I have found that if I wait for a while I can figure out just what new 'stuff' is best to get. Haha. Have fun!!!

    1. Thank you Deb! Our neighbor Karen had a suggestion of putting most of the old back and then when we get somewhere and find new..throw out the old and then you've got a memory of "Oh remember we got this in...." I like that idea.

  6. Isn't getting a new RV exciting! We're going through the exact same things. Cleaning, moving, fixing and anticipating the new one. I can't wait to get out and buy, buy, buy, but I too must resist. Can't wait to read about your adventures in this one.

    1. Yeah it is funny we're going through the same thing at the same time. I'm glad you have Deb to help you..as it's not fun emptying..but filling up is fun!!

  7. Oh, almost forgot the most important thing. Congratulations to Seth on his promotion. He must be gungho to move up so fast. Almost in the big pay now. :))

    1. Thank you Doug! From what I understand..he's looking to spend that $$$..He's got too much time on his hands waiting for school to start LOL!