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Friday, February 28, 2020

Elephant Butte to Clovis, New Mexico...Plans are written in Jello, chalk..etc..

Believe it or not we left Elephant Butte a little before 0900 today.  We got up at 0500, had our coffee and our visiting on our blogger friends.  Showers, breakfast and we were on the road. I make it sound so easy as all my stuff is inside, but Ken's is outside.  It was chilly for sure! 
Elephant Butte this am! :) 

The highway is beautiful! :) 

It looked like a Park Model being pulled by a Chevy..LONG

While I was writing our grandson, Jacob (in the last 2 weeks of boot camp) our plans changed from heading to Santa Fe, NM.  We both wanted to go, but with it being winter and trying to find RV sites, we decided against it.  A lot of the campgrounds are closed and we didn't want to spend it in a Walmart where you can't unhook during the day. We'll visit again down the road. 

We hit I 25 which i have to say for it being a freeway is not bad at all.  We got gas in Socorro and then took the highway 60 a few miles later.  I love this highway. 2 lane most of the way and every once in awhile there are little towns or homes along the way.  We both love seeing the terrain change.  

About 1245 there's a picnic area so we pulled over and had lunch in the Mansion. On our way again.  We were looking for an RV park so we could do laundry.  That time again. :(  We got to Fort Sumner and called one, in town but no laundry.  I twas time for gas so saw two Valero gas station across the street from one another..Be warned, those are the only two gas station there are!  We drove on thinking there would be more..nope! About 10 miles later Ken was able to turn around and we got gas.  Because there was no laundry we decided to continue on. Clovis, NM about an hour further was a Passport America park ($18.00) with a laundry..ok!   I love these little towns..
Socorro, NM
 I love this little towns on 60..so sad as most of them have died...Still like looking at what was and of what might have been..

Windmills all over, hard to see here, but oh how I hate that they mess up the scenery!!

Love this old motels that are no more :( 

Saw so many trains today!!

I love old houses, old motels,  silos. and barns! .so be ready :) 

Love the ever changing scenery! 

i just love the old houses...

Be ready...the land of Silo's which I love! 

We got here around 1700 and the office was closed. Called the number and she said to find a place and we'll take care of it later. Ok.  We found #13, got hooked up and enjoyed the evening. Chicken tacos for dinner and now bed and blogging time. Not alot of people here..close to the highway and if the noise of trains bothers you..don't stay here!  It's fine for us, because we like trains. :) Still haven't heard from the office girl, but we'll settle in the am. 

We looked at the maps this evening..we were hoping we could hook up with our Marine, Seth..but the weekend will be gone before we get there. :(  So we're heading for Pawhuska and coming into Don's place from the North somehow.  As we all know plans are written in Jello, chalk, etc..
Our sunset tonight 
What a beautiful drive today, not what was expected but so enjoyable. :0 We'll see what tomorrow brings. 

Good night from Clovis, New Mexico! 


  1. I loved that area too. Since our vehicles take us so many more miles, no one stops at those little towns any more. With no economy, they just disappear.

    1. It's just too sad but you are right. People prefer freeways too, we try to avoid whenever we can.

  2. That was a beautiful drive. Sad about the little towns for sure.
    Sorry about missing Seth, some things just don't work out. :(

  3. Like yourselves we hate seeing towns that have been abandoned. We also hate seeing Windmills and Solar Farms messing up the scenery but at least they are producing Clean Energy compared to fossil burning plants.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your travels.

    It's about time.

    1. All true, but couldn't they have put the things underground LOL! WE are so enjoying..thanks Rick!

  4. Love highway 60. Great pictures of our past. I wish I could take them but hard to drive and take good pictures so I'm glad you did it for me. Sounds like you two had a perfect traveling day. Same for today I hope.

  5. Yes Doug I'm thinking not a good idea for you to take pictures while driving LOL!! It was a great day of seeing the country!