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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

All good from the surgeon..a beautiful night!

Waking up here in beautiful Washoe Lake State Park! We slept really good as it was 0645 before I got out of bed to start the coffee!  Never sleep that late at home! Guess my body knows it's on vacation (kind of).  

Yesterday (Tues) we got here just about 1030. Perfect time as the park had lots of spots for us to choose from.  Not so much this am! We got ourselves set up and then enjoyed being here for a bit. It was a lovely day with the temp topping out at 77 degrees. 

Eventually we left and headed for Carson City, just a few miles away! Ken had his appointment with the surgeon and his parting words were "Go live your life!" Ok..sounds good to us! 

After that appointment we headed for Betsy's Big Kitchen and figured we'd have dinner to celebrate! We did, and then headed back to camp where we were able to have a nice fire!  Eventually we called it a night. 
The view from our campsite! 

The other view

Today we headed out and visited Big Betsy's Kitchen for Brunch at about 1030. I know we're being bad but what the heck..

Ken had the ham steak and eggs! It  was huge!
We brought half home for breakfast in the am!

We headed for Lowe's for a heater for the trailer.  We have hook ups so why use our propane right?!  Walmart for a head of lettuce and water and we're out of there! I had a 1500 appointment for a mammogram..I know Patsy..not what we want to do..My insurance doesn't cover. so I wait until October it's $100.00. Because we live in Yerington about 90 miles away the radiologist looks at it when I'm there and then Nicole comes out and says All is good We'll see you next year! Ok happy camper! From the mail the other day I got a notice that insurance for me only is rising from $433 a month to $505 REALLY!!! It doesn't cover anything but major medical..guess the only plus is being 65 a year from December!! Uhhhh...

Our beautiful sunset! :) 

We headed for the trailer and were hoping for a fire outside, but too much wind :(
 We did enjoy ourselves inside and then we had a chicken taco dinner. 

Time for bed now..Hope you all enjoyed your night!! 


  1. Yahooie Louie!! Go live your life - what better words could we hear from our doctor. We're thrilled for Ken and You both!
    Congrats on the clean mamo as well. So, at 65 is it covered by insurance?Paying that $100 is more painful than the actual squeeeeezzzzziiiinnnng!

    1. Thanks guys! We were certainly happy too! I know how you feel regarding the mamo. Always worry, so it's nice that because we travel 90 miles to get it done, they review it right then. Yes, when I'm on medicare (65) and a supplemental it will be covered. We still pay for medicare and the supplemental but a lot less the $505.00 a month just for me. I'm just glad the month of October they only charge $100.00! I hate to think what it is regularly. Health care and prices suck here in the states...ohhh don't get me started! Can't wait to see you guys! :)

  2. What great news from the surgeon. Love that advice...:)
    As much as I dislike going for the mamo it always feels good to get an all clear for another year.
    Glad to see you found a beautiful site. Nice views.

    1. His surgeon is quite the character, got his MD while in the Air Force. Yep, glad it's over, but how fast a year goes by! We love this park and for free it's even better. Even though we are paying $10.00 a night for hookups now, but worth it in the cold!

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