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Saturday, October 19, 2019

A special gift :) Letter #6 from Seth! Dr. report was great! Home again!

Happy Saturday!  

Friday morning after getting ourselves ready we headed for Betsy's Big Kitchen and a late breakfast/brunch.  We knew this meal was going to hold us until dinner so we got there around 1030.  Well, lo and behold who do we see?! Carmen! Our favorite waitress from Carson Valley Inn!! Oh my gosh there were hugs and both she and I teared up!  Turns out she fell at CVI 4 days after she had gone back to work in May. She was off work a total of 9 months other than 4 days! She decided not to go back to CVI as she lives right there in Dayton.  She can't work more than 2 days a week, but she had to get out of the house! The monotony was killing her! So she's hostessing there now on Friday and Saturdays! Another excuse to go to Betsy's! haha. 
A very special gift! Thank you Christina and Eric 💕💕

We left there and ran to Lowe's to get a new little Smokey Joe Weber, briquets and lighter fluid.  Then a quick trip to Walmart to pick up some hamburger, buns etc for dinner on the new bar b q.  A trip to Harbor Freight to pick up a hydraulic manual log splitter.  Ken's a happy camper.  We don't split any really big wood anymore, as what we buy is usually small, but this will definitely save his shoulder and he loves it! 
Ken's new log splitter! 

The box it came in! 

Ken's new bar b q!

We went back to the trailer for a while and Ken put together the bar b q. We left again at 1500 to head for Ken's  appointment with Dr. Salinger.  He's the one who did the endoscopy a few weeks ago.  He explained very well what is going on with the Barrett's Esophagus.  Also the fact that the pressure Ken was feeling in his upper chest, could definitely have been related to the problems with his lung. The pressure is gone now!  Ken still has the cough, but it doesn't seem as bad now as it did for months. Ken will wait for any meds, as he's thinking it will go away on its own.  Other than the diagnosis of Barrett's he really doesn't have many of the symptoms. They will do another endoscopy in a year and if no changes every 3 years. We left feeling very good! :) Monday morning we see the lung doctor and were done for awhile!

 Winds were horrible, so there would be no fire :(  But wait, we had our little propane Little Red Campfire! Got that going and were able to be outside while the hamburgers cooked! It was chilly, but nice!  
Sunset last night

Had a great dinner made by Ken!  We went inside to watch a little tv and fell asleep on the couch, party animals that we are! Haha. 

I woke up hearing things moving around 0400 this am.  Ken sat a few mouse traps as there was "evidence". Darn, I hate those things! He caught one yesterday in the cargo area and then this morning, under the bathroom cabinet! That was a chore for him to get out! Thank goodness none in the inside walking around part of the trailer! Hopefully that's all, but we're keeping traps set always! 

Had our breakfast and then he did his thing getting things put away and I took care of the inside.  We were on the road by 1120. Not bad! 
Our view this am

A windy day!

Ken checked the mail when we got home and a box for me! A letter from a special "Marine in the making" YAY!  Inside the box was a Crucible Candle from Christina and Eric.  Did I tear up...you bet ya!  What a special gift.  You turn it on for the 54 hours the recruits are doing The Crucible along with a lot of praying! This is where they go from Recruit to Marine! It includes, 54 hours, 48 miles, 45lbs of gear, M16 A4 Service Rifle, 36 Stations, 29 Problem Solving Exercises, 6 to 8 hours of sleep and Rationed MRE's..tough couple of days. Seth's will start November 5th and end at 0800 November 7th.  This candle is a wonderful keepsake! I will treasure it always! 💗💗
The other side of the candle
Complete the Transformation

The Title Earned

I read Seth's letter and responded right away!  I want him to get as much mail as he can before it'll be too late to write anymore! 

Christina let me know this am that Seth is a Fire Team Leader! He's got 3 recruits under him and he doesn't get yelled at as much as other recruits!  Way to go Seth! I know, PROUD GRANDPARENTS here!! 

Well, guess it was windy here too!  Now i'll hope the wind blows these leaves away before I can't stand it anymore!  HAHA...

Happy Hour time for the two of us!  Have a wonderful evening! 


  1. Becoming a Marine isn't exactly a walk in the park is it? You have every right to be proud.
    So.....where is Ken going to store the wood splitter? In the trailer?? You know, he doesn't need it at Q, right!

    1. No, it's not but he's getting through it! :) Wood splitter is for home where we like to burn wood for our heat most of the time! :) Hoping this year is warmer than last at Q!

  2. Yay for Seth!!! Plenty of reasons to be proud of that young man!!

  3. You have every reason to be proud of that young man. What a wonderful gift you received.
    Glad to read Ken got another good report.
    Hope you luck out and the wind blows those leaves away for you...:)

    1. Me too, before you guys get here! LOL..I know that was really special of them !