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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Home and a busy May coming up...

Ken, Me and our oldest son Bryan (2months old)
June 1973..sure doesn't seem that long ago

Well, here it is Sunday afternoon already! We've been hanging out at home which is nice..

Friday, I finally got all my kitchen cabinets cleaned out. Now every container has a lid that matches haha. Kind of like socks those lids just disappear! Believe it or not it took me most of the day to get that chore done. Now on to the blue room's closet..uhh. 

Ken's just waiting for the winds to die down so he can get the weed sprayer in service. He's also been working on the 73 Dodge truck. On vacation we decided we need to get rid of a vehicle, we own too many. Looks like the Dodge is going somewhere. Our son, Bryan had said if we ever get rid of it he wanted first dibs. At this point it looks like it will be going to that house. Being a 73 it does not have to smogged in CA which is a big savings.  It does need some work but nothing too expensive we don't think. Ken pulled the brake drums off and it all looks good. We've got to get some mud flaps for it, as that's required in CA (not Nevada). 
Drums in excellent condition..

All good too..

1973 Dodge flatbed truck..

Yesterday morning Ken and Joe went out to breakfast at Dini's and spent an hour or two catching up.  after he got back he worked on the Dodge and I decided to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Temps were a little cooler but not too bad.  I got the hula hoe and wheelbarrow out and spent a couple of hours getting rid of some tumbleweeds out front. This is the time of year to do it as they pull right out of the ground. Made a huge burn pile and Ken burnt when I was done. 
I ran in to get my camera and it burned in about 30 seconds :)

Some of the property with two of our tractors..

Just looking at some of the property..and our little home..

Our  grain drill   at the beginning of our driveway

Ken's got the sprayer on the wagon to pull around..

Neighbor Karen stopped by while I was outside and kind of made plans to get together in the afternoon. About 1600 we headed next door for Happy Hour which turned into four! LOL..We sat outside and then as it cooled went inside. Her hubby, John is working in Tonopah, NV until Wednesday so we helped her to not be so lonely. haha.  Joe and Rylee stopped by there for a bit on their home. So it was a really nice evening. We lucked out in the neighbor department I'm telling you! 

This morning, Sunday we made plans to meet up with Joe and family, along with Susan (Stacey's mom) at 0800 at Dini's for a delicious breakfast and good conversation. We got home and Ken made a fire in the wood stove as it's only about 44 degrees here today.  Don't think it's going to make the predicted high of 57.  
Looked out our bedroom window this am and saw the stripe of
sunshine on the far field. Had to run outside to get it :))

All those clouds and a little strip of sunshine :)

Sunrise from our kitchen window

I started a load of wash and later noticed the lid locked was flashing and it's stuck on final spin.  After playing with it awhile we've determined it's time for a new washer. After looking online awhile decided we'll probably head for RC Willey on Tuesday. Oh well, gotta be done. 

Can't believe it's almost May! Looks like our May is going to be busy, between CA trips, dr appointments, Tonopah NV Memorial weekend and then Reno to see grandsons play some basketball on that Monday. Just gotta enjoy the down time when we can! Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Looks like you guys keeping busy a 4 hour happy hour is a good start, and so much more to get done, love the old truck, looks like a nice one but how many do you need ?

  2. That's why it's going haha..we will still have 2..and 2 cars enough..yah glad we felt good this morning!

  3. Your weather is about as strange as ours. From high 70's one day to mid 40's the next? What are the weather Gods doing to us all? :O
    Nice to see old trucks being restored, we saw so many abandoned when in the southwest.
    Great happy hours with neighbours and yes you lucked out like we did when we had our house.
    And then we went south and met great friends!:D
    I adore the first picture!! You know me and old pictures!

  4. I know the weather is crazy! Going to 60 today and then up and up the rest of the week..I'm good with that! I'm hoping the old Dodge will hold together for many more years! True about going south and meeting great friends! Amazing isn't it! Thanks, gotta say that pic gets me every time I look at it..:)

  5. Crazy weather is right. Love the pictures, nothing like seeing a property through a camera lens to change ones view.


    1. Thank you Deb. Hoping our weather warms up once again.

  6. Mud flaps....isn't CA wonderful? Elva