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Sunday, April 15, 2018

A little of this and a little of that...

Good Sunday morning everyone!  I don't know where the time goes, guess because we're home it's just not too exciting which is a good thing I guess.

Thursday morning we did run to Gardnerville and Walmart.  I needed some ink for the printer.  I usually will order it online but I didn't want to wait. haha. Well, I swear you can buy a new printer that comes with ink for about the same price as the two cartridges of ink!  Oh well, bit the bullet and then picked up a few groceries and left a large donation of $$ at Walmart. 
Our drive to Gardnerville, NV.

Wilson Canyon

The view from Walmart in gardnerville..

We ended up at Carson Valley Inn for lunch. (You know that had to happen).  Our favorite waitress Carmen saw us and big hugs and welcome back for us both. We sat and she brought us our wine and beer straight away.  :)  Enjoyed our lunch and we headed home.  I had a little nap on the way.  We got home and put the stuff away and not much happened the rest of the day. No dinner needed after that lunch.  

Friday morning I texted our neighbor Joe for Ken asking if he wanted to do breakfast at Dini's.  A few minutes later Joe showed up and the boys went out.  I enjoyed my quiet time for a bit here at home. Later Joe's brother Phil came into town for the weekend and they chatted away the afternoon.  About 1600 or so the party moved to our driveway for awhile.  I cut up some cheese and crackers and brought them out and we all visited for a few hours. 

Ken had talked with our other neighbors Karen and John so we loaded up a little ice chest for drinks and headed next door for a big fire in their fire pit. Well, a little while turned into hours and we headed home about midnight! :)) They're so easy to talk to and it was fun catching up.  We are really blessed to have such great neighbors on each side.  

Saturday morning we got up about 0630.  We were meeting Joe, Stacey, Rylee, Phil, Susan (Stacey's mom) and her friend Patty who was visiting for a few days at Dini's for a wonderful breakfast.  Patty is quite the traveler and very nice. We enjoyed talking with her and Susan.  Thank you Susan for breakfast :))

We came home and pretty much that was it for the day.  Got a couple of little things accomplished and then an afternoon nap was in order for the two of us! We never do that, but Saturday night was hard on us both..haha.  A dinner of leftover turkey meatloaf (that was awesome by the way), salad and some mixed beans.  
These were  brussel sprout chips..don't bother
too much work and just not worth it..not bad, but not good. Kale chips are better. 

Good night! 

Our neighbor Mugsy came to visit! He's a little ratty as the
groomer in town calls him "the dog from hell" and won't
groom him anymore..

Sunday morning, I woke up about 0400 and Ken at 0500 so now just deciding what to do with our day.  We're going to town later to take a look at Izzy's (Karen's mom) house and to see how the renovation is coming. I suggested a quad ride so hopefully that'll happen this afternoon.  A beautiful Sunday, supposed to be close to 70 but the temps will drop dramatically over night. 
Good morning! :)

We've got a little wind this am..but about 50 degrees..

Good morning! 

Looks like all of our Canadian friends have made it over the border and are back in their home country.  Doesn't look like nice weather has greeted them yet, but it'll be coming soon!  Looking forward to their updates as always! 
My Grand Nephew Owen got a new swing set at his grandparents
house..Looks like he's enjoying! 

My nephew Dusty's Truck made the cover of LMC
Truck..(Owen's daddy)..:) 

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday! :)


  1. I am not sold on Kale Chips so thanks for the heads up about Brussel Sprout Chips. I might have tried them as I love brussel sprouts.
    Your Walmart has a pretty nice view.
    Sounds like you two are having some fun times catching up with your neighbors.

    1. Too much fun catching up with neighbors ..haha..those Happy Hours gone too long :) Yep only about 55 miles to that view, but it's worth it. Kale chips are better but not my fave either. (Really not Ken's at all, either one!)

  2. I'm with Deb above. Not keen on the kale chips and we tried the brussel sprouts chips at Quail Ridge once. I won't make either one, thanks.
    I'm so jealous of your weather, 70's? Can't remember what that feels like!! Are you in shorts? :)
    Keep having fun!
    Love the Ford on the magazine cover!

    1. I probably won't be making either one either. Just had to try them. I was in shorts but today is high of 48 with a warm up at end of week. Thanks, Dusty is very proud of "Ol Blue"...

  3. That's the first time we've heard about those chips. Will definitely give them a try. Sometimes its an aquired taste that you grow up with.
    Glad you are enjoying quality time and weather with family, friends and neighbours. It gives us something to look forward to.
    Nice picture of the old Ford pickup.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Honestly Rick I wouldn't bother w the chips..hahah..but try them once, obviously people like them from some reviews on recipe sites. Thanks Dusty is proud of that truck. Hoping your weather warms soon!

  4. Love the old Ford, congrats to Dusty.
    The Walmart has a spectacular view.
    Sounds like you and Ken have been pretty busy enjoying family, friends and scruffy animals. He's a cutie though.
    Weather will improve everywhere shortly, after all, it is spring so it will have to eventually arrive, right? LOL

  5. Aww..thanks DEb. Gardnerville is beautiful, we love the mountains. Mugsy is adorable, quite the personality. I think Spring just can't quite make up its mind yet, but soon!