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Monday, April 16, 2018

A quad ride and a little cooking here at home. ..

Yesterday morning (Sunday) after breakfast and visiting with our blogging friends we headed to town to stop by Izzy's house.  Boy has it changed since we saw it before we left over 7 weeks ago.  I really thought it would take close to a year to get it done for her but looks like in the next week or two she should be able to move in.  Our neighbor John has done an awesome job on his mother in law's house.  Hope she's happy there! 

Stopped and got some gas for the truck and the quads. We paid $2.92 a gallon with Ken's six cent discount.  We're headed to California on Friday, guess we'll find out what they're charging! Oh boy..

We came home and Ken got the quads ready for a ride, during that time the winds really picked up so we knew it wouldn't be a really long ride. Still, the sun was shining! 
Our quads at the top of the mountain..
 We had a nice windy drive to the top of the mountain. It's a beautiful view, but it was so windy. We were only there a few minutes as the wind was crazy. 
The view from the top..

Looking into the valley, but the dust was terrible

Ken..I was trying to show the wind, but it didn't work..but
still you see my hubby :))

The road to the top

We're headed down..

Our little tree blowing in the breeze..

We ordered some lubricant for the treadmill and it came the other day. If you recall before we left it was trying to kill us whenever we used it. The belt would stop and if you weren't holding on, it was a really hard stop. Ken lubed it up but the problem was still there, darn.  The treadmill belt adjustment was maxed out so he took apart where the motor is and tightened up that belt and waalaa problem fixed!  Really glad we didn't have to spend $$ for a new one. 

Ken did bar b q some chicken for him in the wind, but at least he's got his wind guard.  I made some roasted veggies and some rice and gravy. Yummy dinner! 

This morning we woke up to cold temps running about 28 degrees. The high only to 48. We don't have a lot of wind like we did yesterday but still some. After coffee, blogging and breakfast I decided to make a chicken soup recipe I saw that was considered paleo. I've been making my own veggie broth for about a year now so went to the freezer and got one of those bags.  A little chicken breast, onions, mushrooms and celery. Let all that simmer for an hour or so. The kicker is there's no noodles, you add cooked spaghetti squash. I was impressed it's very good. Only 44 calories a cup! 

Ken worked on his banking and paid the propane bill.  We had a couple of things to mail so he ran to town and did that. Once he was home we had light lunch and then he started a fire in the wood stove as it's chilly
The mountains surrounding us got some snow..we got

Here we are watching reruns of Monk and I'm doing the blog.  Looks like Friday we'll take the trailer and head over to CA to celebrate 2 special birthdays. Our middle son, Eric will turn 43 on Thursday and our oldest grandson, Adam will turn 19 on Saturday.  Looks like we'll head back on Sunday probably...

Have a wonderful night! 


  1. Nice to get things taken care of and ready for another fun road trip. Travel safe and have fun.

    1. Yes it is nice to be home for a bit, but looking forward to the weekend in CA (except for the traffic). Thanks, George!

  2. Soup looked wonderful. So were the views from the quad ride. Very lovely area you live in Shirley.

    Almost a shame you had to unload the trailer for such a short time. Enjoy the birthday celebrations!!
    Safe travels.

  3. Thank you Deb..we do love where we live! BLM is just down the road and we can ride forever! We'll throw in some food and clothes and be ready to go for the weekend so it's not too bad. Ken usually has more work than me when it comes to leaving. We may stop at Washoe Lake State Park on the way home, so I'm thinking he might take some firewood and chairs. Shouldn't be too bad and it's always nice to have our "home" with us..

  4. Glad you got out for a windy ride, however windy. If Ken had held his arms out to his sides maybe we'd have seen the wind more BUT you might have lost him! He is so thin that he would have blown away!
    Soup looks delicious, I'm going to remember the spaghetti noodles since I don't want the noodles either. :)
    thanks for the tip. Happy Birthday to the boys, men. :)

    1. Now why didn't I think of him holding his arms out?! he might have flown! On the 2nd day the squash seems to have more flavor which is good. I know can't believe my middle baby is going to be 43 and next week my oldest will be 45 how is that possible!!

  5. Looks like a nice ride. Great scenery form the top. Happy to see Ken kept his hat!
    Your soup looks very good. Will have to remember that.
    Enjoy your time in Cali. Fuel up before you go.

    1. Oh we definitely will..dau in law says gas 3.49 went up 10 cents in one day. We love the top of that mountain! Soup did turn out well I gotta say.

  6. The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular. Well worth braving the wind. I say that knowing it did not blow either one of you off of the mountain.
    I use the spaghetti squash a lot, in fact tonight it will be the noodles for chicken alfredo. So I do not know why I never thought of subbing the spaghetti squash for the noodles, which I missed by the way, in chicken soup, so thanks for the suggestion. I will be trying it soon...:)

  7. Oh good I'm glad you like the idea of spaghetti squash for the noodles. Glad you like the view !