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Friday, April 27, 2018

Happy Birthday Bryan! Enjoying these beautiful temps!

Good morning from Yerington, NV! 

Happy Birthday Bryan!  Our oldest son turned 45 (OMG) yesterday (April 26). How on earth did that happen!?  I texted him in the am thinking he was at work but turns to he took the day off.  Around 1700 we called and had a nice visit. He and Cheryl had lunch at the Mexican place in Cool that they like and then had a lazy afternoon.  Back to work today.  
Our 45 year old son!! :))

My goal was to clean out all the kitchen cabinets and see if I could find a place for the goodies I bought at Winco the other day.  Started the morning with our coffees (my tea) and visiting with our blogging friends.  We did our exercises and treadmill.  Ever since Ken fixed it a few weeks ago, it's running just fine (darn...hahah just kidding)... Time for breakfast and my shower.  

Noticed i was at the end of our banana bread and apple oat muffins so time to make those. Ok, then it's time to get the salad stuff together for lunch. Done. Ken wants mashed potatoes to go with his ham for dinner. Made those. I want grilled veggies and spaghetti squash with a light sauce. Done, somewhere in there we had lunch about 1300.  
Veggies ready to grill

After lunch continued to work in the kitchen and around the house and at 1700 the cabinets hadn't been touched! Ahhhhh! Oh well that's what tomorrow's for right!? 

Ken worked outside all day!  He fired up his concrete mixer and used about 3 1/2 bags to finish the little walkway he started last winter before it got to cold and we left this area. Looks really good.  It was 86 degrees yesterday..cooler today 75 and then high 60's over the weekend. Sure can't complain. 
The dark area is our new concrete

Looked like we might get something, but nothing...

He also got this plant in the ground. We tried to grow a hydrangea last year but it didn't work. Give this one a go. 
I forget the name, but will have pretty purple flowers

Around 1700 we both called it quits, talked to Bryan and headed for the front porch swing for Happy Hour.  The weather was perfect and we enjoyed for a while. Nice way to end the evening. 
We had a little wind on our front porch view..

We had our dinners which turned out delicious.  We had recorded the movie "Country Strong".  We're thinking they made the series Nashville from the movie, which I enjoyed very much. The singing in it was more like "real country" than all the garbage that's out there now. Ken fell asleep and I watched till the end. This morning I told him the rest of the movie, as it's a "chick flick". hah.

A nice sunset

Our Grandson Seth had a baseball game in Vacaville, CA yesterday. Eric drove down to watch after he got off work and on the way home they stopped for a visit with my mom and daddy at the National Cemetery where they are buried. He sent the pictures below. :) 
Seth and his great grandfather

Seth and his great grandmother..

A very productive day for the both of us and on to today! Have a great day everyone! 

Grandson, Jacob 3rd from the left in the back. This was in LA
last weekend..

Our non smiley Aaron all the way to the left. Must have caught
him off guard, he always smiles. haha..Champs in a tournament
in Rancho Cordova, CA

This weekend the family will be in Livermore and Oakland for tournaments..


  1. What a beautiful sunset! Elva

    1. Aww thank you..we love our sunrises and sunsets here in Yerington..you should come check them out!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the warmer weather with Family.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. My oh my you have beautiful weather! Looks and sounds like you are eating well and then working it off on the treadmill. Good for you!!
    nice cement job, Ken. I laughed at the non-smiling boys on the left side of the picture and smilers on the right. Probably the leftys were trying to be cool. I think it is cooler to smile though. :D

    1. We'r trying to be good most of the time..dr appt coming up next month..He does good with cement..loves it haha. Yeah don't know what's up with those boys..I do like when they smile too. :))

  4. Nice to see you are enjoying some wonderful weather visiting family and getting things done., It is just amazing how fast our Kids grow up where does the time go !

  5. I know George, the kids and grandkids age way too quickly! Weather was wonderful for a few days and today is chilly with a warm up later in the week.