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The mountains are calling and I must go...Got the t shirt in Georgia one year and this is our calling! We'll see y'all down the road!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Black Canyon of the Gunnison to Filmore, UT! Short visit with some special friends!!

We got ourselves up and going at Lake Pueblo State Park. Had showers, breakfast and computing done. We headed for Walmart and the liquor store where we went last year.  We got Walmart done and decided to wait on the liquor store. Colorado you have to go to state liquor stores to get good beer and wine.  It was 1100 by the time we got done, just like last year.  I don't know why but that's what it was again. 
Spectacular homes near the lake

God Bless America!

The drive from Pueblo to Salida Co is so awesome! We love how it goes right along the Arkansas River and the views just don't stop!  We've stayed along the river before but our goal was the campground at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  If you've never been it is definitely something to experience!  We were there 21 years ago with our middle son and then last year we went back and did the whole rim! So awesome.  

On our way to Monarch Pass! 

The Gondola at the top..not much snow this year!

Spectacular views

We got there about 1630 and found a site for us.  It is still considered winter there, so no charge for camping! There's no water, but we don't care, and they have pit toilets, but we don't care either! 

Blue Mesa Lake, usually  full to the brim..not this year

Our sunset from our site at Black Canyon of the Gunnison

We had a nice night inside the trailer.  There was no tv or internet reception but we still enjoyed. I read my kindle and Ken watched a movie on his little dvd player.  We had leftovers for dinner. 

This morning we had coffee and some banana bread.  I didn't try the mifi until Ken went in the shower but I cheated on him and read all our friends. I was able to comment but not able to post the blog. Better than nothing. 

We left around 0900 and headed out.  Gas in Montrose and then headed on down the road.  We thought about heading to Moab and Arches National Park. After seeing the ATVS and trailers all heading that way, glad we decided not to this time. We've been before and we'll do it again.  

From Green River UT to Salina, UT the scenery is spectacular!  We both kept saying Wow..of course we've seen it many times, but the result is still the same! I always say I think God was in a really good mood  when he created Utah and definitely parts of Colorado! 

We didn't want to drive as far as we did, but we ended up in Filmore, UT at a Passport America park we've been to several times before.  Wagons West RV Park..very nice with full hookups and pull throughs..$20.00 for the night. No complaints here. 

There's just not a lot between Green River and Salina. We could have found something there..but a whole lot more. They have Butch Cassidy RV Park (not sure why)..but no hookups over $30.00 a night. 

I've gotta say I was ready to post this and figured because we have internet here, and a mifi shouldn't be a problem but it is..so slow! We've noticed crossing America how there isn't phone service even in a lot of areas! How can that be?! 

Hopefully Saturday morning I can get this posted before we go..

Pictures will have to wait until another day..as slow internet.  

* Reading Dave's post from Our View From Here, saw that he and Cheryl were in the same RV park..looked out our window and saw they were only a few spaces down..:)  We went over and had a short visit this morning!  What a small world..I only wish we would have known yesterday as we could have had a Happy Hour with them..Safe travels you two!! Pictures later! :)))


  1. You are doing what you love just like we are doing keep enjoying and travel safe.

  2. We entered our home state..kinda bittersweet. I love our home, but I could stay gone longer. Ken is ready to be home for awhile..but we'll be back out shortly. Everyone is different. In talking w Dave and Cheryl I said I'm more like Dave and Ken is more like Cheryl as far as travel and Ken said exactly the same thing this afternoon. Life is awesome!

  3. You folks love the cold weather. Seems to be snow in almost all of your posts. You're much hardier than I am.

    Love the pictures. Great that you managed to spend some time with Dave and Cheryl.

    Safe travels.