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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Some pics from the weekend and Washoe Lake State Park

We woke up yesterday morning at Washoe Lake State Park. A cool morning but still near 40 degrees heading towards 78. We took our time getting out of there because we knew we only had an hour and a half at most to home.  I was able to get the trailer cleaned before we left so all I had to do was empty the refrigerator and get the other basics out once we got home. Taking our time we were still out of there around 1000 I think and home before 1200.  

Work done, so we just enjoyed the afternoon doing what each of us wanted to do. I've decided it's time to clean out the cabinets in the kitchen and rearrange some things.  I love Winco and my purchases show it! haha..

I've posted some pictures that I wasn't able to post Monday because of the slow internet.

Ken next to the 61 Chevy

What a thrill, we got to go for a little ride in the 61! Eric
has done an amazing job of getting this beauty to purr...

The 61 Chevy..she's not pretty, but she's getting there!

Another blurry one :( Ken and Eric chit chatting..

Love this radio speaker in the back seat of the 61..

The view from Eric's front yard

Our view from our campsite at Washoe Lake State Park, NV

We decided to take the 97 Ford (aka: Money Pit) over to Ca instead of the Tundra as the Ford gets much better mileage when pulling the trailer.  Diesel is actually running a few cents less a gallon than gas also.  We're thinking if we keep it in the CA and NV area it could last a long time. If it breaks down then we won't be too far from home either. LOL..
Our campsite ..love this place

Our Happy Hour spot..

Sun's going down..

Happy Hour

Thought this was cool..not a cloud in the sky but we thought this
might be a fire..didn't amount to anything..

Ken bar b quing dinner on this carry rack that Eric had and
gave to us..I can see it's going to come in handy!

This morning after visiting with friends and getting ourselves going we're going to head for Fernley, NV and Lowe's. Grass and weeds are starting to grow with the nice weather so we're hoping to get some weed killer for the sprayer and some concrete to finish up the walkway to the garage. 

Have a wonderful day everyone!  82 degrees expected here but a cool down in the next few days...


  1. Love that 61 Chevy, sure do miss some of the good old cars I had way back when. 82 degrees! wow would sure love the now, probably won't see that for more than a month around here.

    1. Glad we gave it to him now to be worked on. It's a slow process but it's getting there!

  2. What a beautiful view from Eric's property! Elva

    1. Yes it's very pretty all around, but in a few months it'll all be brown i'm afraid. Love the spring there though!

  3. Elva took the words out of my 'fingers'. It is a gorgeous view from Eric's property! Your campsite had a nice view too and it does look like a great spot. What lovely weather you are having! Your cool down is better than ours, I'll bet. :)
    Nice old car!

    1. It is pretty from Eric's but again it'll be brown and dry in a few months. not like TN that stays green all year but it's still really nice. No snow expected thank goodness and I hope it stays warmer rather than cooler now. Looks like 63 is the lowest cool down temp.for a few days. We love the view from Washoe Lake. One of the reasons we keep going back.