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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dodge City, KS to Lake Pueblo State Park Colorado..

We actually got our selves going pretty early on Wednesday April 5th. An uneventful night at the Walmart parking lot in Dodge City.  You can park in the huge  lot on the North and South sides so lot's of parking.  A great place to spend the night. 
Walmart spot! Dodge City, KS

Back in the land of silos :)

Love these old houses..

Garden City Kansas, makes all those ugly wind turbines...

High and proud,  along with the Kansas  flag!

Made a breakfast wrap for Ken and I had oatmeal. We actually left just about 0800 Central time.  Let GIP guide us to highway 50 and we were off! Not much traffic and a great drive.  I love going through all the different little towns and just looking at all the different homes and ranches down the road.  Haven't picked up my book to read (which is why my camera gets a workout) :)

Had a couple of gas stops and about 1200 (Mountain Time) we pulled into Bent's Fort near La Junta Colorado.  Crossing into Colorado we lost an hour but we kept ourselves on Central time, so our tummies knew it was time for lunch. Bent's Fort is a great place to visit if you have the time.  We visited in 2014 and that's where Ken purchased his Golden Age Access Pass for $10.00 lifetime.  Now it's gone up to $80.00 but still a great purchase.  I made salad for us both and then we moved on.  

We let GIP guide us to Lake Pueblo State Park where we were going to spend the night.  She took us through East Pueblo to South Pueblo and right into the park.  Nice drive through different parts of town. This place along with so many others just keeps growing! 

We pulled into our site at 1440! There's hardly anyone here, but we know the place is crazy during the summer months.  There's a marina, beautiful lake, swimming beach and some of the campgrounds have showers and electrical hookups.  We wanted to exercise our generator as it's been quite a while so we decided against hookups.  Still not a cheap experience.  Every car has to have a day pass (7.00) then camping with no hookups is $18.00 electrical is $24.00.  Bottom line, $25.00 and $31.00.  
Our view of the lake

Every spot has a wind cover

Ken talking with his mom :))

I made some banana bread and homemade mashed potatoes while Ken was doing his thing outside.  When we were both finished, outside I went to enjoy happy hour with my hubby.  A pleasant 74 degrees but with a wind.  Ken cooked some boneless pork ribs for dinner, so enjoyed mashed potatoes and a can of mixed beans that we love!  We can only get them in Tennessee and Missouri so we have to make the 26 cans we bought last! haha..

We decided that we were going to head for Gunnison, Colorado today and stay at the campground we stayed at last year on the way home,in the national park. 
About 214 miles to go today. We'll go over Monarch Crest so we'll have a beautiful, but not quick drive.  

On we go!  Have a wonderful day! Those of you who are traveling, stay safe! 


  1. Wow you folks sure do get around the countryside. Some great views and like you I love the little towns and the atmosphere they evoke.

    Safe travels!!

    1. I can tell by your travels you like a lot of the same things I do :) We'll have to meet in person next year for sure! Since we're headed home, we're looking forward to it until the next hitch itch hits :)

  2. Glad you also had a safe travel day and ended up on a nice private campsite. Was the wind shelter facing the right way? :)
    we found the State Park in Utah was the same for pricing. Seemed ridiculous but it was a pretty overnight stop regardless.
    Continue to travel safe, guys! Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!

  3. Thanks Patsy and yes the shelter worked well, guess they know pretty well which way it goes :) Looking like we've got a good travel day today.

  4. Glad to read you are having such wonderful travel days. Your pictures of all the small towns and the ride are wonderful.
    Really like the wind shelters at the park.
    Continued safe travels and I am looking forward to your pictures of Monarch Pass. Take care.

  5. They are great but longer than I like,,but sometimes it's gotta be done. The wind shelters are perfect I guess the wind comes that way most times..I hope you enjoy!