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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Filmore, UT to Ely, NV..almost home.. :) :(

:) :(  My not sure what I feel emoji ..This has been such an awesome trip all the way around kinda hate it to end.  Then the other part of me is wanting to be home. I love our home in Yerington, but I love the road and seeing other places. I know in a few months or so we'll be back out for a week or two and then in January we'll head out again.  Hopefully we'll have the grandkids some in the summer and can take them somewhere. We'll continue to go as long as we can.Life is good!  Just for info..Ken's ready to be home. Between January's trip and this one, he's ready to go.  Talking with Cheryl,  our view from here this morning in Filmore, I told her she's more like Ken and I'm more like Dave. But it works for both of us couples. Ken actually said the same thing at lunch today :)

We said goodbye to Dave and Cheryl and pulled out about 1115 central time. Had a beautiful drive down highway 100 (which Dave suggested) and then to Highway 50 for the rest of the drive.  We weren't sure how far we were going, but knew Ely, NV would be the furthest. About 180 miles at the most.  
Ken walking to Dave and Cheryl's trailer..

Our spot at Wagon's West  RV in Filmore..PA park..

Look George, Dave has a wind block for his Weber Q! 

Dave, Cheryl and Ken..:)

We pulled over at the Baker Archeological site to have lunch. At 1300 CT neither of us were hungry so it ended up being 1400 there. We had just crossed into NV.  I love coming into NV from the east as I can pinpoint Wheeler Peak and Great Basin National Park. There's a heart on the mountain :) In the winter the heart is obvious with snow that defines it and in the summer it's dirt that defines it. :)) I know, but it makes me smile every time. :)

Ok, as you can see below I am a little heart crazy!  This mountain is 13, 065 feet tall and to have a heart in the middle just melts my heart!...

Home again :0

Our lunch spot..no heart to be seen..

Hubby..caught him! haha..

Our lunch spot!

we can see it again!

If you miss the stop sign this will getcha! 

I went into the trailer to lock things down after lunch and on the way out the wind was so bad, I had to fly out the door holding on!  Ken was laughing in the truck as he watched through the side view mirror.  It's said in Nevada, if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes and it'll change..oh so true! 

We drove on and decided to head for Ely.  The campground was more full than we've ever seen it!  We decided to boondock where we did when we started this trip.  We've got our home and everything we need so why not!? We can have Mexican for dinner and then an awesome breakfast too.  We'll head for Winnemucca in the morning and then after picking up taxes on Monday we'll head home. While blogging we had quite a rain storm and hopefully cleaned off some bugs on the truck and trailer. Sunshine now..Yep, it's Nevada!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day..we did! 
Our Grandson Jacob and his girlfriend Allysa
going to the Junior Prom..how did this happen?
He was just a baby :)

Beautiful couple..they've been together a
few years now.


  1. Hey guys! Good to hear you had a pleasant drive. Hope route 100 worked out for you. It rained off and on here all day but clearing tonight. The internet is sooooo slow tonight I'll try to post in the morning before we head out.
    So nice to see you guys today. Stay in touch and safe travels!

    1. Route 100 was perfect! Glad we were able to get together for a few minutes of catch up..you both are so easy to talk to! Travel safe today, we are going 271 miles to Winnemucca. Should be home tomorrow.

  2. So am I understanding correctly...you like the heart on the
    mountain...correct???LOL It is beautiful. Actually, all you pictures of your travels in the last two blogs were beautiful even with the snow. Nice looking grandson/couple.
    No matter how much I love traveling...and I do. The last couple of days I get anxious to be back in the UP.
    What a nice surprise to run into Cheryl and Dave.
    Safe travels as you make your way home.

    1. Thanks Deb, was hoping you saw the blog with Monarch Pass. Yes it was nice visiting with them, glad I saw that they were at the park. I had no idea that one pic was so big of the heart. haha..

  3. Nice to meet up with Dave and Cheryl again, he did a good job with the windscreen for his Weber Q, after taking measurements from ours then sent me some pictures.
    You are making good time and will be glads to get back home from the sounds of it.

    1. It was great to see Cheryl and Dave, a wonderful couple! Yeah, always nice to leave, but great to go home too.

  4. I know exactly the feeling of mixed emotions. We were anxious to cross and land on our home turf and yet we had a fabulous winter. We met you guys and other new wonderful friends plus spent time with old dear friends too. The sights and lifestyle is awesome. Like Deb said above, you like the heart mountain??? ha ha I love that about you, it makes me feel akin to you with all the goofy stuff I do. :)
    Safe drive for the last leg home. Your grandson and his girlfriend are beautiful together!

    1. I know it was a great time getting to meet all the new friends we have. Can't wait till next winter to meet up again! I'll be looking forward to your posts from The Ridge. Yeah I'm a little crazy about that heart and that God put it there!

  5. Wonderful trip you've had but it's nice to be back home or at least in familiar territory too. I've enjoyed all the pictures and history you've shared as well.

    Lovely couple!! They grow up fast.

    1. Thanks Deb, I know i get carried away sometimes haha. Yes they grow up way too fast! Travel safely!