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Monday, April 23, 2018

Time flies! Happy Birthday Eric and Adam..Ca and then Washoe Lake State Park..

Well, this is a first in a long time that I've gone a week without blogging. Where did the time go?! I have no idea but it certainly has moved on.  Now it's been long enough I definitely don't know all of what was done last week! AHHH hate it when that happens. But here goes...

Wednesday I went to Scolari's and spent quite a bit of $$ on groceries. We could have gone to Walmart but decided that the 100 + mile trip wasn't worth the time spent and $$ saved.  I like to buy local when we can anyway.  

Thursday, was our middle son Eric's 43rd birthday! I had talked to him earlier in the week and he wanted Super Burritos for his belated birthday dinner on Friday. Super Burritos were something we made a lot when the kids were teenagers! I cooked the meat, cut up the veggies and got stuff ready for that dinner.  I popped a ham in the oven as I knew Saturday their day was filled with baseball so figured that would be an easy dinner along with some homemade potato salad that I made too.  Also, a double portion of Pioneer Woman's Tater Tot Casserole was thrown together and cooked.  I've got to admit I really enjoy  cooking, especially when we're visiting one or more of the kids.  

Friday morning we got the food loaded into the trailer along with anything else we needed for a few days. We headed out around 1000 or so and had a lovely drive over Highway 50 to Cool, CA.  I texted our youngest son Russell to see what their plans were for the weekend. They were headed to Los Angeles for the weekend with their oldest, Jacob. He was playing basketball in a NCAA Showcase Tournament.  We wouldn't see his family this time. 
Highway 50

Our lunch spot at Hope Valley, CA

Coming into Eric's driveway..

We got there before anyone was home, but got set up and then I had Christina pick me up at the end of the road so I could go with her to one of Grandson's Seth's baseball games. Seth plays first base for Golden Sierra and they killed the other team (which happened to be Highlands High, where our own kids graduated from many years ago).  
Seth playing 1st base! 

We headed back home where Ken and Eric were enjoying a couple of beers. Eventually we had dinner and those burritos were as good as we all remembered! YUM..
Christina takes these birthday pics every year..
top is 2013 bottom 2017..from left
Seth, Eric and Mason

2018..Seth, Eric and Mason :) 

Saturday morning we enjoyed a bit of the casserole and then proceeded to get ready to head out.  The kids all headed for baseball. Ken and I were headed down the hill to Carmichael to meet up with family and to celebrate our oldest grandson Adam's 19th birthday. My sisters, husbands, Ken's sister Diane and his mom all showed up to celebrate and have a wonderful lunch as always at Garcia's.  Chris was our waiter and he had my wine on the table before I sat down..:) 

Adam and his Uncle Bobby..

Ken and his mom! 

Adam's mom Cheryl texting a picture to Bryan (Adam's dad) who was working..

Blurry I don't know why..Ken, Adam and his great Grandma..:)

After lunch Ken and I headed to Georgetown to have some cake and ice cream for Adam's birthday. Adam's dad, Bryan was working so it was a small gathering.  We stayed a couple of hours and then back to Cool for the night.  Enjoyed the evening visiting with Eric and Christina.  The boys Seth and Mason were there, but being teenagers we didn't see much of them..
Ken and Eric had Moonraker hazy IPA, Ken's first..he liked it! 

The goats..Fancy, Diamond, and Clarabelle

Ken and our Grandson, Mason..:)

Sunday morning I went in the house after a cup of coffee with Ken and Mason was ready for me to come inside.  He waited to have breakfast to see if I would cook :))  Made my day!  Got some pancakes going for him and Christina. Eric had left about 0545 to go to work. Seth was headed over to his girlfriends for the day so I made him a breakfast burrito for on the go. Ken had some of Ree's casserole and I had egg beaters.  A good morning! Christina left for a nail appointment and we were ready not long afterwards.  

We again took highway 50 towards Gardnerville, NV where Ken ran into Walmart for a couple of things.  We then headed to Carson City and Washoe Lake State Park.  Why not? It's free with his parks pass and we have our 2nd home with us.  

We got a nice space and eventually he made a fire that we enjoyed very much. He bar b q ed a turkey patty for me and he had a delicious cheeseburger.  My homemade potato salad alongside and it was a great dinner!  

After a fitful night's sleep we're up and getting ourselves going. We're headed to Reno and a few stores.  Winco, (there goes the grocery budget), Sam's Club and wherever else we need to go.  We're going to stay one more night and then head home tomorrow. 

Glad to have this blog caught up (as well as I can remember).  Hope everyone has a wonderful day! :)

Pictures are taking forever to load...so tomorrow I'll update after we get home with more. Have a great evening! 


  1. Nice to see you again. I have been behind in reading anyway but glad things are good. Great family visits and Happy Birthday, Eric and Adam!

    1. Thank you Patsy! It seems we're behind on comments, funny how you get home and run out of time! haha..

  2. It was wonderful to see you all. Safe travel home . Love you.. Ano

    1. Love you too cissy! Great seeing you, see you onMother's Day if not before!

  3. Ken's mom is amazing....Elva

    1. Thank you she is pretty special! Blessed to have her!

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    1. Thank you..pretty much a staple when we head to CA!