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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Visiting and the Precious Moments Chapel

September 17th...Wichita and Augusta, KS...Got up at the KOA in Wellington and called Uncle Odus to tell him we would be there about 1000.  Had our breakfast and headed out.  Seemed to find it no problem..Had a wonderful visit with Uncle Odus and Aunt Ola.  Susie and her hubby got there a bit before we had to leave.  It was great to see everyone and so glad we made the trip.  

We left there and had lunch in Andover, KS at the Applebees and moved on to Augusta to meet with Maryann, Becky and of course the grandkids, Dane and Mandie came by too.  It was a great visit, not very long but better than nothing. Love my cousins and relatives.  So glad we had this time!  
Ken and Uncle Odus checking out the Patriot

My Aunt Ola!

Aunt Ola, Cousin Susan and her hubby Greg

Uncle Odus

Ian and Ethan

Maryann and grandkids Ian and Ethan


Maryann and her Keeennnnn...me, I'm just there!

Mandie, Dane, Ethan and Dayton

Ian finding something to do with himself!

We went back to the KOA and had a nice dinner. Ken bar b qued veggie burgers and they were so good!!!  

September 18th...Got up and left the KOA. Had a nice time there and definitely will be back.  I wanted to visit the Little House on the Praire Home in Independence, KS..but they are in winter hours and closed for today. We will go again.  So I was hoping to get to the Precious MOments Chapel in Carthage, MO today and we did.  So sweet..glad I got to go, another thing off the bucket list..Of course we added Big Bruiser to it in KS..so we'll have to go another time. 

Tonight we are at the Days Inn in Springfield MO it is only $48.99 for the night and it is so nice! The guy at the front desk had everything ready when we got here, there is free wifi, breakfast, the room is huge and looks brand new!  Love it and good area.  I would definitely come back!

Tomorrow we will probably be back at Don's.  Weather is definitely changing. 
Entrance to the Precious Moments Visitor Center

Entrance tooo...

More inside

He is just too precious

Tribut to the lost children of the Oklahoma City bombings



Murals inside the chapel

Welcome to heaven

Tribute to his son Philip..very moving

What a wonderful life!  

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