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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cornersville, TN to Tupelo, MS via the Natchez Trace

We left Cornersville this am and went by the local Shell station to get ice.  While we were there a Cornersville Police Officer pulled in, we had never noticed this before but it was too cute...had to have a picture!

Notice the front plate...GOTCHA!!! How cute!!

So on we went to the Natchez Trace Parkway out of Columbia..We had driven the part from Nashville to Columbia, but decided to backtrack a bit so we didn't miss much.  A beautiful drive all the way to Tupelo.  It goes from Tennessee through a bit of Alabama and then on to Mississippi.  The colors are changing, not many people on the road so nice!  The really nice thing is that the Trace does not allow commercial vehicles so no big trucks!  The speed limit is 50 so not a bad ride.  (Of course Ken did flashed by an officer, Thank goodness he didn't turn around) as mr speedy was probably going 60 or so.  

We took a few walks today, one to a waterfall, but there wasn't much water falling, then one to the highest point in the Alabama section. We also took a drive on the "old" trace so that was cool.  

We made it to Tupelo this afternoon and decided to go visit Elvis's birthplace.  I was here a couple of years ago with the volunteers when Annette was with us, as Elvis was her idol.. We also toured Graceland when we were in Memphis.  It was a tourist trap but we looked around and got a few pictures.  

Went by the grocery store and now we are in the Super 8 for the night. 
The Gordon House

Ken on our walk to the falls

On the walk


A tobacco farm on the parkway

Scenic view

The turtle who crossed the road and we turned around to make sure he made it safely!

Grinders Inn where Merriweather Lewis died...was it murder or suicide?

Crossing the Tn...

Ken on our walk to Freedom hills ...AL

Me on the walk to Freedom Hills...the highest point on the parkway in AL

ELVIS'S boyhood home in Tupelo, MS

Where Elvis went to church and sang "OLE SHEP"

Tomorrow we head for highway 61..the Blues Highway and meet up with Al and  Irene.  He called and they are spending the night in Mobile, AL...I was there when I was 6 weeks old and daddy had school..Guess we lived in a motel there for about 4 months.  

What a great day and drive we had!!

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