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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Cannot believe this is the 23rd!!!

September 23rd...Cornersville, TN...What happened to the  to the other days????...I can't believe how time flies...!!!.... We are here in Tn..the other day I went grocery shopping..and honestly can't remember what else!!

Yesterday on the 22nd we went to Lynnville Tn and watched the Truck and Tractor show! It was incredible.!  We were there at noon or so to watch the antique tractors which was really cool! We had our lunch at the cabover..tuna and I had a veggie sandwich,...delicious!!  Then after a couple of hours they quit pulling tractors so we thought we'd take a ride to Columbia and pick up some beer and ice..just to kill some time.  When we got back there was a line waiting to get inside! Incredible! there were so many people there, big difference from the afternoon!! But we had a great time watching the tractor pull and then some trucks came out...wow!!

We came home and I made some quickie tacos for dinner...

This morning we got up, and I made some grits and scrambled eggs for a late breakfast, we thought about going to Cracker Barrel but that definitely would have been noon...At 1200 Ken came in and we watched the Tennessee Titans vs Detroit Lions for a few hours!  Incredible game...and Tennnessee won!! YAAYYYY... during that time I talked to Al and Irene and we will meet them in MS on Friday for the Blues Festival!  Can't wait as it's been way too long since we've seen them!!

Making some veggie and Ken's oyster pizza for dinner...loving our Sunday's in the South!!
Miss those grandboys tho!!!!
Don't know why I took this other than it was GOOD!!


This truck and pulling

The little ones and pulling!!

Santa drives a souped up Farmall!!!

Black smoke equals power!!! 
I don't think I have it but one of the tractors ran on french fry grease!! She was a nurse practitioner and did a great job!  Outran her hubby!!

Nights are getting colder..fall is definitely in the air!!

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