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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Greenville MS to Gulfport MS and the Blow Fly Inn!

We left Greenville this am after a breakfast (cereal, toast, and the two eggs I had hardboiled b4 we left Don's)..I have to admit that hotel was nothing to write home about (America's Best Value) Greenville, NOT!!! 

It was raining and really never quit...We stopped and had lunch outside Jackson, MS ..a Mexican restaurant (surprise) delicious!! and then moved on to Gulfport..Rained like crazy!! 

Finally I made reservations on the way..at the Quality Inn in Gulfport..nice place..went down to Al and Irene's place and had a drink and headed for the Blow Fly Inn for dinner...

Found it via Al's GPS and it ws raining like crazy! Dark too. Bet it would be something to see during the day. Dinner was great! We left and went back to the motel where we ended the evening with another drink or two..didn't really want it to end as we realize we will see them in the am and then probably another year or so...wahhhh...We are so blessed to have them as friends...to think they came all this way to be with us for just a couple of days..wow!!!
I'm sure the blues festival had something to do with it..but then again....can't wait till next year..b4 if we can make it..would love to see Steve and Lorraine, Landon and of course Alex, Rhonda and Little Alex!!

Headed to the coast in the am..(hopefully) and then on to Louisiana..then to Natchez and the trace..back to Don's for a few...

Today was 3 years ago we lost my mom...wow..still feels like yesterday..I can still tell everything that happened that day...miss u momma!! Love u!! Think of u allllll the time! The only thing that makes losing u easier is knowing u are with Daddy..and u both have got to b happy!  I think of "the letter" and know that's how it's meant to be..Love u both!!
Seth and Mason called today and I know it was because of the date...Love u guys and thank u!!

Pictures to come as I tried but wifi won't let me...so please check back in a day or two!!!
The BB King museum in Indianola, MS but they were closed.

Following Al and Irene

Following Al and Irene...weather sucked!

Pictures of Blow Fly's at the Blow Fly Inn, Gulfport MS!

Irene and a blow fly!!!!

A little boy and the picture he did at the blow fly!

Diners, drive ins and dives ...the reason we went there....

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