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Monday, June 1, 2020

Silver Springs, Gardnerville, Carson, Fernley..getting things done

Well, Hello June! I have no idea how that can be?! 
I ordered this last week to put on the front porch to honor Jacob.
Russell got me a Marine Corps one a few years back so we honor
Russell and now Seth! 💗 Can't wait for Ken to get it up! 

Saturday we were home in the am and I baked his goodies for his coffee 😄. Mopped the floors, why I'm not sure as soon as they're dry sand gets tracked in but at least I knew they were clean for a few minutes! Haha. Oh well, such is the life of living in the desert. 
Ken's banana, carrot, apple bread and muffins..

Ken worked outside doing some things that he always finds to keep himself busy. After lunch we decided to head for Silver Springs about a half hour from us.  We visited what they call Silver Springs General Store. It's a yard full of everything you could want from fencing, plywood, plumbing etc!  If you want something they've got it!  Ken needed about 14 feet of angle iron so make some brackets to carry one of the kayaks. Found it and we're on our way back home. 

He took them to the garage and primed and painted them.  We enjoyed a happy hour, but not outside as the winds were blowing fiercely all day long. Karen came over as she'd been shopping in Reno and found a few things she thought  we would like. Yep, she's sweet that way! 

It's a pretty good sized clock shaped like a wine glass that says...Some say the
glass is half full..Some say the glass is half empty..I say "Are you going to drink that?"
LOL..gotta a find a special place for this..She also found a new shower curtain
with two his and her outhouses..will post when I get it up! 

This little guy loves this spot on the bird bath top..if only he'd
stay that little I might like him. I bought blue paint today to paint the
birdbath..story to follow LOL.

The wind is blowing..can't tell too much in this picture..

Looking up on the mountain the sand is blowing!

See Joe's Battle Born flag blowing straight out!

The tree is blowing hard and sand in the background..

She stayed for a beer or two and headed home. 

Sunday morning we awoke around 0600 (seems to be our regular time lately) had our coffees, treats and visiting with our friends to see what they're up too. Got ourselves up and going. It was going to be a stay at home day 😏😊

Ken worked most of the day getting the angle irons cut and ready to put on the truck.  They have turned out really nice. He does do nice work! Picture next blog!

About 1500 we headed for the front porch and Ken got some chicken on the bar b q. Enjoyed the afternoon and happy hour out there. It was a beautiful day, totally different winds from the day before. After awhile it was dinner. Ken had chicken and corn on the cob I had chicken and green beans. Full tummies! 
Yummy chicken and corn..more chicken was already in the pan..

I set the alarm for 0430 this am as we wanted to be in Gardnerville near 0730 for some lab work I needed before my bi yearly appointment in Winnemucca next week.  Last time I went I was the only one there. Not the same this am! About 10 people in masks waiting..oh oh.  I did their check in on the little iPad and chose to go out to the truck to wait for them to call me.  About 45 min we waited. They texted, I went in and then was out of there in just a few minutes. The girl who did it said she doesn't know why they're so busy, but to make an appointment as soon as i know my date next time. I can't understand why people would rather sit in the waiting room with masks on and wait rather than in the comfort of your own car?! She didn't understand it either! 

Well, needless to say we were both starving as it was a fasting lab. Ken won't eat until I do and vice versa.  The restaurant at Sharkey's Casino just opened on Friday so we decided to visit. YUM! We will be back again. Plenty of room and very nice people along with delicious food! 

From there we stopped at Walmart, Raley's and then to Carson City and a stop at Custom Trucks to get a price on steps for the truck to make it easier for some short people to get in! LOL...We went by Lowe's there and because of the crowd decided to head for Fernley and the Lowe's there.  Yep, got what we needed for the table project and plywood for the truck to hold the kayak. Homeward bound. 

Now we're home and it's Happy Hour! Have a wonderful evening. 


  1. The corn on the bob looks good, I cannot wait for that to be peak of the season!

    1. With butter and salt He really enjoyed it!! Only 2 things he uses salt for anymore, corn on the cob and hard boiled eggs.

  2. Glad that your projects are all coming together.
    Cute looking Clock. Like the Navy Insignia.
    It's not Short, it's vertically challenged. LOL.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick..I know gotta come up with more or go on vacation ! Got to find the perfect place for the clock! Hahah..i like vertically challenged, cute!