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Friday, May 29, 2020

Garden work, Kayaks on the truck and off again...Congratulations Mason!!

Well here's to the second time writing this post. Got lost somewhere! Couldn't even find it in history! 

Forced myself out of bed this morning at about 0600 and turned on the coffee. Once that was done we did our usual visiting with friends online to see what everyone has been up to these days! 

After breakfast we headed outside to the garden area. Time to stake the tomatoes as they are really growing! The rest of plants seem to be doing well other than the fresno chilies they haven't died, but they haven't taken off yet so we'll see.  We moved the plants over that were in pots, figuring they'll have to be watered by the irrigation system if we're on vacation.  We put the spinach plants in the garden area and the others just outside. Ken put up chicken wire around them to keep the varmints out! Next he'll just have to figure out the irrigation system. The timer works wonderfully so that's good to know. 

I love the way they're growing! 

Luckily Ken was the one to see this one out by a tree in the driveway...
Neighbors think I scream loud now...Never seen one like this here!

Oh that tail..Like half lizard half snake! See why I don't like summers here!!

Ken cutting suckers on the tree..

Another one trimmed..

My garden after he added pots and chicken wire

Once we finished that little project he set about trimming suckers from some of the trees so hopefully they'll get more water and the real part of the tree will fill in.  I decided to play in the water a bit and used the hose and brush on the front porch. Then the patio area. Took the hula hoe and used that for a few minutes, but it was just too hot. Time for a shower! 

Tuna fish sandwich for Ken and 1/2 a tuna wrap for me for lunch. Perfect on a hot afternoon. We decided on tacos for dinner so all I have to heat up is the shells and beans, the rest of the stuff is now ready! 

Ken went out to where the kayaks are and put them on the pipe rack just to see what it'll take to make them ride correctly when we go. Looking at them makes me want to go! It's 97 right now but weather is changing for the weekend. Much cooler. State Parks opened today for camping so we're ready! LOL. 
He's got one on..

Now both are on..now they're both in the garage. He just wanted to
have a plan 😎

Last time Mason was here he was talking about a truck that he wanted to buy from a friend when the friend was ready to sell it. Eric and Mason went to look at it a few days ago and last night they brought it home! The truck was owned since 1981 by one owner until he passed away, then Mason's friend bought it at an estate sale. Talk about excited, Mason certainly is! Don't we all remember how excited we were to get our first car! Wish I still had mine! 

He messaged me pictures so I am sharing Mason's first truck! He's fifteen and is eligible to get his permit at the end of July and his license end of January! It'll be here before you know it! 

1979 Dodge D50..manual transmission

Clean little truck

I'm sure there's some new seat covers in the future..

Door panels are in great shape!

Passenger side view..nice

Congratulations Mason!! 

Happy Hour time! Have a great evening! 


  1. Your garden is looking awesome and as pretty as that lizard is, yes, I certainly understand why you would scream! He is so big!!
    Congratulations Mason! I love the old truck and yes, I remember my excitement over my '66 Chevy II Nova. :)

    1. Thank you I'm pleasantly surprised it's growing as well as it is! Thanks for The congrats on Mason. Yes he's happy! Nice car you had!

  2. Oh my....I know I wouldn’t want to see that thing in my yard!... or anywhere really :)

    1. I'm hoping it went to Karen's she said last night her gardner saw one like it..hopefully there's not two!

  3. Cool little truck!!! Boy is he going to have fun!! That's a huge lizard ... I've never seen one with so much orange on it. He's probably after your veggies!!!

    1. Thanks Nancy, yes he will have fun! Could be, but I sure hope he moves on quickly!

  4. Yikes! That's one ugly lizard.
    That's a perfect starter truck for Mason. He won't break any speed records, but then again that's a good thing.
    Take care!

    1. Yes it is! Very true about the truck..He's a happy camper for sure! Nice to hear from you Dave!