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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Stem Walls poured..Bunkhouse porch worked on..WINDS!!

Happy Sunday!  I got up and started the coffee at just about 0500 waking Ken nearing 0530.  We have work to do! LOL.  Visited with our blogging friends and enjoyed the coffee.  The wind was already blowing this am, not too bad though. 
Good Morning!

After showers and breakfast Ken headed outside.  The plan was for him to bar b que some chicken legs and thighs for him, breast for me. He wanted potato salad to go with it, so I made it up this morning. You never know what'll happen later in the day 😄

He got started on the stem walls and mixing concrete. Good thing we bought that cement mixer years back. Sure makes mixing and pouring the concrete much better for him. He had 20 sacks to get mixed up and into the stem walls. That kept him busy for hours! 
Ken pouring and mixing the cement!

I got out and mixed the stain for the bunkhouse. We thought we were buying closer to the color it was originally, but this is a redder tint. We both like it a lot, but  now that means the whole bunkhouse has to be painted. Oh well, it'll all be better protected.  

I got started on the front porch area, as that really needed it and it was out of the wind, which now had really picked up. Probably 25 mph steady with wind gusts! I didn't get as much done as I wanted because of the wind. I didn't want to paint the floor of the porch as it would have ended up sticky with sand.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day early on anyway! 
Compare the red to the older blonde color..

I love the deeper color! Hopefully the porch floor tomorrow..

See the difference in color on the post? 

About 1400 I put 2 Corona Light beers in the freezer and a little later we sat on the front porch of the house and enjoyed them! Then we came inside for a snack of cheese and crackers and celery as we skipped lunch because we were working. 
Stem walls poured

Almost made it all the way Can't wait for the rock. 

Cleaned up our stuff and now we're inside.  No barbecue tonight, just too windy. Hot dogs and hot links for Ken and I'll probably have a turkey burger. Maybe tomorrow night. 

Ken should be able to get some rock in place tomorrow.  He's a few bags short on concrete but we'll get that later. 

Happy Hour! Have a good evening! 


  1. Sounds like chicken will be for another night. :) We change our minds too because of the wind. Hot dogs sound good to me!
    The porch looks great, I like the new shade too!
    Today, Monday, our winds are stronger than yesterday, already reaching 31 mph before 7 am. I hope you get a calm day to finish your painting.
    Take care!

  2. WE're waking to more winds today, so it may become baked chicken :) Thanks I really like the deeper color too. At this point no painting today :(

  3. That looks great! Does Ken rent out?? Just kidding. It wasn't windy here at all, but it did rain for about 45 seconds. I too love the color of the bunkhouse. Good job ... it's beautiful!!

    1. If we were closer definitely! haha. I'm glad you like the color I really do too..just more work now haha.

  4. Looks like you both made progress on your different projects.
    Like the new colour on the Bunk.
    That's a big area Ken is making.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Coronas.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes we're getting there..if it weren't for the darn wind! I like the color too..just wish the whole thing didn't have to be painted but that way it'll be years before we have to do it again right?! Yes we're looking forward to that area being done. That way it'll be useable rather than just sand..I'm not much of a beer drinker but one once in awhile after working is pretty tasty :)

  5. That deeper color really does look nice on the bunkhouse. Saw the pictures of the porch extension...nice. Plus, now what looks like a large sitting area. Lots of projects getting done on the Kay property.Take care...Hugs

  6. I just wish the wind would quit so I can get back to work on it. I had to pull paint out of my hair this morning while washing it..as it was flying of the brush..:( Yeah I guess it helps to stay home sometimes LOL. Hugs to you too!!

  7. Love it!... not the wind, tho 😂❤️

    1. Haha yeah we're pretty tired of it too! Thanks Donna!

  8. Springtime is very windy here in Alberta too. It sure wears you out.
    Wow, you guys have sure been busy. We try to follow along on Facebook but blogging is suffering for me.
    Take care!

  9. Hi Dave! Blogging suffers for me too..we just get busy and then I say i'll do it in the morning and then again...haha. Talk about being busy!! I read your blog this am!!!