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Thursday, May 28, 2020

A visit to Lake Lahontan, NV. Walmart and heat today!

Yesterday morning after we finished visiting with our blogging friends and seeing what's going on with them I asked the question "So, what's on the agenda for today?" Ken said "I'm thinking we need to take a picnic lunch and head for Lake Lahonton to see where we can put the kayaks in for the future". Ok, sounds good to me! I know, never seen me to turn down a drive somewhere.  

We did a few things around here and loaded the Patriot with chairs, food and refreshment.  Lake Lahontan is only a little over 30 minutes from here which is nice. Last few years it's been absolutely beautiful and filled with water! 

They have 2 entrances so we started with the closest one. What a beautiful drive and the families that were out were having a blast in the water.  We found two beaches that we like beach, 5 and 9.  
Lake Lahontan, Silver Springs NV

Then we headed over to other entrance that's off highway 50.  We found a nice beach but ended up eating in the car as it was so warm outside, about 92 degrees. Next beach we pulled the chairs out, found a nice shade tree and enjoyed a drink in the shade.  There were lots of families there too.  They do have campgrounds (which will be free to us) and you usually can camp anywhere you find a spot. Of course, right now is day use only.  We did hear on the way home the state parks are opening Friday. Yahoo!  We won't be going on the weekends, as we have that choice being retired. We will be there soon though! Can't wait to get the kayaks in the water 😀😀  The weather will be incredible this weekend so I'm thinking the beaches will be very busy.  They say only 50% capacity, so it'll be interesting to see how they figure that out, with miles and miles of shoreline. 

After watching people, boats, kayaks and kids we headed ourselves home.  Ken was going to be barbecuing dinner later.  We sat outside in the shade of the porch and enjoyed the late afternoon and early evening. It was a great day! 

Nice beaches..

Pork and chicken turned out wonderful! I had made mashed potatoes for Ken earlier in the day so along with an ear of corn for him and green beans for me dinner was delicious.  

Today  we awoke about 0600 after having the back door open, window open and fan going all night long! Decided a trip to Walmart for some groceries was necessary.  Yesterday we also decided we needed some water shoes for the beach. Walmart had them so we each got a pair.  

Ken picked up a timer for the garden so we'll see how that works.  We were talking about going somewhere for a week or thereabouts and I don't want to ask Karen to water that long for us. She'd do it in a heartbeat but still.. The only problem about having trees and a garden, it ties you to it.  The trees can go about 10 days, but not the garden. 🌼🌱🌞. It's actually looking pretty good, so would like to keep it that way! Don't know exactly when we'll be able to get away as Ken has a couple of appts next week and the following Tuesday I have my bi yearly in Winnemucca. He has one more later that week and we're done! 

I took lunch with us again so we enjoyed it under a shade tree at Wilson Canyon. A few people there, playing in the water but it'll be crazy this weekend i'm sure. 

Unloaded the groceries and the air conditioners going it's 96 degrees outside. Hoping it cools off enough we can enjoy the evening outside.  Tomorrow's forecast calls fo 98 and then it cools off to the 70's for a few days then up in the mid 80's. 

Have a great evening! 


  1. I just have to say it like I see it...What a cute picture of your son and his wife on their wedding day. I see Ken not only remembered the wine but there is ice in the glass. He is one of the good ones.
    The lake you visited today looks beautiful and inviting. One of the perks of retirement you can go any day of the week and skip the weekend crowds. Though when the kids were younger those were fun weekends. Take care. Hugs

    1. I love that picture too and I love they are just as happy now as they were then! Yep he's a good one for sure! Yep, they were fun weekends and many trips with our boys. Hoping to have the 2 grandsons some this summer as the other 3 went and grew up too fast! haha. Hugs to you two!

  2. How lovely to be able to go to a beach and get in the water, if you choose. Looks like a great spot for the kayaks. If we were close to water like that, we'd have kept ours. Maybe. :)
    Getting away for a few days will be nice for you once medical stuff is out of the way. Hugs!

    1. Yes it is a lovely beach. With them opening the State Parks for camping this weekend I'm sure the picture would be much different. But still fun, with families getting out and enjoying, especially with heat! Hugs right back at ya!!

  3. Did you say kayaks? I'm SO interested in getting one. What kind do you have? Any recommendations on a good one?
    Lovely lake pictures .... perfect for paddling around!!

  4. Last summer I tested out a Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10 foot sit on kayak. I loved it! I've always wanted to rent one, but seems never did. So when we left the lake, we bought the same one at Big 5..we then ordered one for Ken. He's never been on one, but I know he's going to love it too! That's my only experience with them haha. Yep, looking forward to going out on the lake. We have life jackets too, because I won't go out without one!