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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mother's Day Picnic, Fernley, Projects

Another weekend and a Mother's Day gone.  Where is the time going this year!!
Our beautiful sunrise Monday morning from the porch of the bunk house

Saturday morning Ken decided it was time to make my shelves for the kitchen over the little red refrigerator.  After some talking and deciding he mentioned some old saw blades we've had forever.  Because the area is small these were going to fit perfectly.  We only had two so we'll be keeping our eye out for one or two more at antique stores probably.  We got these at a street fair in Auburn, CA. 
He primed and I painted them.  If they were going in the bunk house we would have left them rusty looking but that doesn't go with my kitchen LOL.  They turned out great  and display some of my pretty bowls (thanks Christina) :) 
Love my little shelves..bottom one is white, second red and any others I get will be red

Sunday was Mother's Day and since we weren't going over the hill this year we decided to take a drive and a picnic lunch.  Stopped by Karen's to tell them Happy Mother's Day and then off we went.  I talked with Eric before leaving.  As I was loading my stuff in the car Bryan called and of course I had the phone in the house.  I called back and left a message.  Russell called in the afternoon as we were on our way back home. 💗💗💗  While on our road trip we called Ken's mom and wished her a Happy Mother's Day. 💜

We headed out with a destination of June Lake CA.  We went by way of Topaz Lake down highway 395.  A beautiful drive you can't help but love! June Lake Loop is about 100 miles from here.  We ended up having lunch about 1330 on the shores of Silver Lake (different from the one we visited last summer).  Everything is still closed :( but the boat launch was open and some day use places.  Sun was shining but it was a little chilly still so breathtakingly beautiful! We had our lunch and then continued on.  
Mother's Day sunrise..

Topaz Lake at the Nevada / California border

Along 395

Gorgeous isn't it?! Near Bridgeport, CA Our favorite campground is
nestled back at the bottom of those mountains 😁

Bridgeport, CA 

Such a cute little town..

Looking out on Mono Lake, CA

June Lake Loop Road

Grants Lake along the loop

Such a gorgeous drive

Silver Lake

Our picnic spot :) 

We got home late afternoon.  Ken was going to barbecue hamburgers for dinner so I got started on making up the zucchini fries so I didn't have to do it later.  They were so good the last time, thought we'd try and do the same again. We did.  He moved the barbecue stuff from the front out to the front of the bunk house. Because we didn't go camping decided to "pretend" we were camping.LOL.  

June Lake ...The day use was closed and pictures don't do it
justice from afar but there is a white sand beach and super
clear water..hope to bring the kayaks back and do some
camping if it ever opens up!

We had our chairs and fire pit in front of the bunkhouse and enjoyed Happy Hour out there. After awhile Ken started the bar b q and I put the fries in the oven. We had dinner in the bunk house and then about 2030 we started a fire outside. Lovely night and thank goodness the wind had all but quit.  Stars were out in force! 

Eventually we put ourselves to bed in the bunkhouse.  I didn't wake until about 0530 and knew I wouldn't be going back to sleep so we got the day started and that's where that beautiful sunrise up above came into being :) Great way to start the day.  

Monday morning  we decided to head for Fernley to visit Lowe's.  Ken bought some wood as there may be a project to make our back porch a little bigger.  We bought some clear stain to put on the bunkhouse as after 4 or more years it's getting a little weathered from the intense sun we have here in Nevada. Thinking that'll be mostly my project.  The winds were awful, about 40 miles an hour. It was 80 degrees and warm.  Tuesday though, it's supposed only hit 69 but that's ok. 

After leaving Fernley we decided to take the short drive to the dam at Lake Lahontan just because we could :)  The lake is high and huge!  It's open for day use, but no camping yet.  It's only about 30 minutes from our house so I can see some camping and kayaking later in the year. Camping if free because of Ken's senior state parks pass..OPEN, OPEN OPEN! 

Got ourselves home for a late lunch and then we both worked at getting a few things done.  Later in the evening and in the wind Ken barbecued some wonderful chicken. I had a salad to go with and he had macaroni salad I made in the afternoon. YUMMY! 

This morning (Tuesday) I woke about 0500 and started the coffee.  Gave Ken the last of his carrot banana bread so I know what I'm doing this morning.  Today is a stay at home day and tomorrow we'll head to Fallon, NV to visit Walmart (packages to our Sailor and Marine 💙) and an antique store there to see if they have any saw blades and anything else that jumps out at us :) 

Time to get going! 


  1. What a beautiful drive you took on Mother's Day; your pictures say the area is gorgeous. I hope your campgrounds open soon and you get to get out and enjoy your kayaks. What a great sunrise! Take care. Lots and lots of (((hugs)))

    1. It is a gorgeous area, would love to meet you and Tom at one of the campgrounds! It was a beautiful sunrise and luckily I had camera in hand :) Hugs right back at you!! :)

  2. It sounds like a lovely Mother's Day! The Loop looks gorgeous, such great views even with snow on the mountains.
    Sitting outside the bunky and having bbq's like camping sound very romantic too! :) Hope your Tuesday was a good day. Good luck with the saw blade search!

    1. It was really nice, just different from years past. Yes I know you and Bill would enjoy the area, it's so gorgeous. Yep, love our little bunky..headed to Fallon later today.

  3. I spent many a summer at Topaz and June lake fishing. Even horse camped at Silver Lake many years in a row. It's some of the prettiest country ever!! We also spent a lot of time in Bodie and Bridgeport. Lucky you for living so close!!

  4. Glad you had an Enjoyable Mothers day along with the chance to travel around the have a staycation.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler weather.

    It's about time.