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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Plans are written in jello (or chalk)..

Tuesday morning Adam called as we were on our way to Winnemucca and he said he was on his way to Lassen National Park for the night.  He'd never been, so decided to go on his days off.  He hiked to the top of Mt. Lassen so here's a few pictures he sent me. 
The kid has no fear! The top of Mt. Lassen

Gorgeous View!

He wanted to camp in the park but said all the campgrounds were full! Guess people just have to get out of the house :) Not sure where he spent the night as he was still looking the last i heard from last night. Our Gypsy, he's going for the right career for sure!

In the evening we took ourselves out to the new retro set and enjoyed Happy Hour there. It was really nice as there wasn't a lot of wind. The chairs are comfortable so one more sitting place depending on weather.  Later in the evening Ken started a fire in the fire pit. Even nicer :) We came inside around 2130 and headed for bed.  
Ken caught me reflecting...

Such a great fire
I got carried away with our beautiful sunset!

Ken got up at 0400 Wednesday to check to make sure the timer works on the garden. Yes it was on and at 0500 checked to see if it was off and it was! Yay we can leave and not worry that the garden's not getting water.  Since it was 0500 we started the coffee and visited with our friends.  

Once that was done I got my boots on, grabbed a hat, gloves and hula hoe and got rid of some new growth popping up around the property.  Much easier to do when they're starters rather than big.  Glad that's done for a bit. 

Showered, breakfast and then decided to get dinner done before it got too hot. Stuffed bell peppers with ground turkey. Ground turkey and veggies in a shell for me, traditional rice, veggies and ground turkey for Ken. They look pretty darn good. Hung out some clothes and some other things before it was time for lunch. We had our leftover lunch that we didn't eat when we were in Fallon.  On to a few more things around the house. 

Ken moved the Mansion over to the front of the house for easy loading. We don't have to load it as quickly now as our trip has been pushed back a few days.  We had planned to leave either Thursday or Friday.  Our neighbor Joe reminded us that he has a graduation party on Saturday.  His daughter Danielle will be here to celebrate her graduation from University of Oregon and we were invited a few weeks ago.  We've moved our leave date until Sunday or Monday depending on when we want to leave. Nice to have that choice! 
She's ready to be loaded..

We're planning on heading towards Bear Lake State Park at the border of Utah and Idaho. We've heard they call it The Caribbean of the Rockies. Supposed to have white sand and clear blue waters, we will see.  The weather looks warmer there next week than on the weekend so that's a plus! Yes, the kayaks are going! 

This morning Ken had a dentist appointment at 0900 in town. I spent some time in the Mansion reorganizing and cleaning cabinets of stuff we won't need. Just like in the houses to be done now and then! 

Once we got home he continued to get his things in the Mansion and the truck for the trip.  The day is really warm about 93 right now. Could are coming in so it feels muggy out there. We've got the a/c on in the house..feels so much better. 

We had lunch and I asked Ken what he was doing. "Oh working on something in the bunkhouse"..ok..Then he said "Well I'm following Vicki Wright's (my friend I used to work with) way of doing things.  "It's better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. " uh oh..haha. When I took her job when she left the Sheriff's Department that was the first thing my Captain said.."Don't follow Vicki's way of not asking permission" haha. 

It's all good though, because I loved what he did.  When we were in KY we visited the Octagon House and were given a beautiful print by the docent there. It's been in the Mansion so he made a frame and hung it in the bunkhouse. The only thing it needed was a splash of color so I spent a little time this afternoon painting it. 

Ken started laughing when he saw this picture, crooked things bug him..LOL
The picture really is straight..the photographer just takes crooked pics!

Our oldest son Bryan had hernia surgery today. We just heard from Cheryl that it was a success and they'll be heading home in about 10 mins. So good to hear. Now for the healing. 

Have a great evening..gonna follow my friend Georgine and get ready for Happy Hour! 


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your camping trip at Bear lake . I have been buy there a few times but never spent much time there . It can get crowded at times but I found it to be beautiful country. Hope you have a good & safe trip. Lone time blog reader, Vern in Boise Id.

    1. Thanks for commenting Vern! We are excited to head there for sure, probably better we're going mid week rather than on the weekend. It certainly looks lovely on all the pictures we've seen!

  2. We had planned to visit Bear Lake last year. We were having problems with our disc brakes (about 6 weeks before resolved), so we had to remove that from our itenerary. I'll be anxious to hear your thoughts on it. I love all of the beautiful sunset pictures! I'm a bit crazy about things being crooked too. I remember my Grandpa pointing out crooked things on the wall - I guess that is where I got it. LOL! Safe travels.

    1. Thanks Cheri, I love our sunsets (obviously) those darn fires always get us into trouble LOL. Cute about your Grandpa :) Sweet memories. Yes, I can't wait to get on the road!

  3. How exciting to be off on another adventure. It sounds like a great place. Can't wait for pictures. I love your red chairs and the fireplace. I may have to look into one for me. I can always burn my yard clippings!! Beautiful sunset pics!!!

  4. Yep we can't wait to head out again! Thank you, the red chairs really turned out to be a good and comfortable buy! Ken always makes great fires for sure! We love our little propane fireplace too when we can't burn firewood! Glad you like the sunset pics!

  5. It is always fun to plan a trip, a new adventure. For us, the only time we really move is when we are in the southwest. The packing and unpacking though is not something I'm keen on anymore since we don't have to. :)
    Love the picture in the bunkhouse and the red paint did it up right!
    Beautiful pix of a beautiful reflective lady at the firepit.
    Sunset pictures are gorgeous!

    1. I don't mind the packing but the unpacking is not my favorite thing to do :) Oh Glad you like the picture and the red! You are too sweet :) Thanks I love our sunsets obviously!