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Friday, June 5, 2020

Lake Lahontan State Park, Kayaking, Retro Chairs

Thursday morning with the kayaks loaded and the little cabover camper on the trailer we headed out to Lahontan State Park about 40 minutes from here. State Parks are once again opened and so are the campgrounds! 

All loaded up!

Ken opened the compartment to plug in electricity before we left
found a fully intact bird nest..I didn't get the pic soon enough.
Just the little door you pull the cord through was open..
those birds can get anywhere. 

We didn't see any eggs..

We didn't plan on camping this time but thought it would be nice to have our own bathroom and lunch spot in case the bugs were out.  

Our little cabover 

Were we amazed at the amount of people out enjoying the water and camping. It was awesome to see.  When we checked in at the gate the ranger asked how long we were staying, Ken showed her the pass and she said "Stay as long as you like"..We travelled on and finally found our little spot to put the kayaks in.  

Our kayaks ready to go into water! The lake was the perfect temp!

Campers everywhere!

The lake was beautiful! Those bushes held a big gopher snake down by
the water. Ken saw it, but I told him before I wasn't going through them!

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One of the developed campsites..

We put in the water about 1115 and got out at 1245 or so.  Only took Ken about a minute to say "I really like this!" Yep, I knew he would.  We paddled one way and then the other.  He could tell his legs were feeling the sun so we got out and had lunch.  I didn't take any pictures on the water as I wasn't that sure of myself and the phone. I definitely will next time. Under a shade tree with a breeze it was wonderful.  After lunch we decided to go out for a bit more, this time he put a towel over his white (now very pink legs).   He doesn't wear shorts normally and no sunscreen. Another 45 minutes or so and it was time to get out for good and head home.  He got the kayaks loaded and off we went.  We actually drove through the developed campsites and there were actually a few vacant ones we could have had.  I'm thinking people like the friendlier atmosphere of being on the beach with family and friends. Reminded me of when we would go with the kids when they were little to Dillon's Beach for Easter week and camping in the summer :( Those were good, simple times. 

We got home nearing 1700.  Didn't do too much except we ended up sitting out front watching the sun go down :) Inside for a quick, late dinner. Oh well it was still yummy.  Both of us on the couch falling asleep. Time for bed. It was a good workout of arms for sure today. Can't wait until we do it again. 
Daddy's birdbath has a home and is holding water 💙

Our beautiful flag flying proudly

Our sunset 💗

The moon was gorgeous

Friday morning I was awake about 0500 and got Ken up about 0530.  Enjoyed most of the morning reading blogs and enjoying our coffee. Showers, breakfast etc and the day got going. Ken put together our little retro set we bought for the back area and I love it. 
Now to watch the sunset 💜

Ken moved the little cabover a few inches back on the trailer as he noticed driving it yesterday the the front would come really close to hitting the pipe rack when making turns. A few inches has made all the difference or we'd be buying a new trailer to haul it.  We used to have it on the Money Pit and it looked good, but since we got rid of it a trailer is its' home. I don't want to get rid of it, as lots of good memories there. 

Decided on Zucchini Crust pizza tonight. I haven't made it in a quite awhile so we're both looking forward to it! 
Zucchini Crust after it's baked..
Ready to go in the oven! Bet you know which part is mine...

Before Ken had all his problems last year he had a scheduled colonoscopy that had to be cancelled. Wednesday was his lucky day. We left here at 0700 to be there for a 0900 appointment. They didn't let the drivers in so I waited in the car which is where I planned to wait anyway.  Around 1100 they called me to the front of the office to pick him up. All good, not another for 10 years. Of course he was starving so we made a quick trip to Walmart and then to Sharkey's Casino where he planned on enjoying a burger and a beer.  Well, they were too crowded as it was 1200 and only half the amount of people are allowed in. Guess people are enjoying being back at restaurants.  Decided we'd drive home and the would put us there about 1315. No problem at Dini's! He got his burger and beer and I got a good lunch too! :) 

Later that afternoon we enjoyed a nice Happy Hour over at Karen's and then came home almost bed time. We knew eating lunch that late I wouldn't want dinner. Ken had a few leftovers. 

Time to get this posted and get on with life. There are some things you can't change but you can certainly choose to be happy. I am choosing happy. Like Dr. Halow said, "Go live your life" and we are! Looks like there's a trip at the end of next week! :) More details later when we know for sure. Have a great night. 


  1. Long may she wave! Thanks for flying Her proudly!

  2. I choose Happy too! Kayaks look like so much fun. We go back and forth. I think we need to find a place we can rent some and see if we enjoy them enough to buy for ourselves.

    1. I always wanted to try one by renting, but last year got lucky and a friend had one when we were camping..that's all it took! Stopped on the way home and bought one, the last one at Big 5 just like hers. Ordered Ken's online even though he hadn't been on one, I knew he would love it! Hope you get to rent one soon!! Glad you choose Happy! So many don't!

  3. Love the kayaks. I've been thinking of getting one. What kind do you have?? Your little camper is perfect on the trailer. I never would have thought of that!!!!

    1. Nancy we have a Sun Dolphin Bali 10 foot sit on top. Got it at Big 5. I think you should get one! Yes we love our little cabover trailer camper LOL.

  4. Glad you were able to enjoy the trip to the beach.
    Hopefully the results of Ken's procedure turned out well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your upcoming trip.

    It's about time.

    1. He's free from having it again for the next 10 years :) All good!