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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Danielle's party.Happy Birthday Ma! Headed out tomorrow!

Here it is Sunday afternoon.  If we were still working we'd be winding down and getting ready to go to work in the morning..Oh this is the life, no going to work instead we're going on a little vacation 😊

Friday morning we headed ourselves to Fernley and spent some more $$$ at Walmart. Ken dropped me off and went to Lowe's to see if they had any more of the "rain" shower heads.  The other day he picked one up that apparently was marked $7.97! He only bought one since he didn't know if we'd like it, we love it! They only had one left as the others were a lot higher. He had an associate check the pricing even he was surprised. 

We were home by lunch so after that we each worked on what we needed to get done for the trip. It was too windy to be outside much. Even ruined our plans for barbecuing dinner. Oh well. 

Saturday morning I worked on stuff for a macaroni salad for Ken. Some baking for me. Just "stuff" that needed to be done. 

Happy Birthday to my mom in heaven! 😘
My sister posted a few sweet pics so I stole them :)

This was in Arkansas as we were visiting our Grandma and Grandpa..
Me on the left, Linda and Wendy...

My mom and Heidi 💖

This would be in Germany..from left..Linda, Wendy and me..

Florida..Linda, me and Wendy..cute little rag a muffins
after a rain..Humidity still does that to my hair LOL>>

About 1600 we headed next door to say Hi to Karen and then off to the Longhorn Saloon for Danielle's (Joe's oldest daughter) graduation party from Oregon State.  
Ken and Philip lighting the bar b q for carne asada 

Miss Rylee 

Joe's mom, Susan (Stacey's mom) and Danielle


Quite a turnout for Danielle's party!

Uncle Philip and Danielle playing pool!

The bar area...

This little bar is only a little over 2 miles from our house. We've never been, but Joe has and knows the owners pretty well.  They opened probably close to 2 years ago and this virus hasn't helped them any for sure.  A pretty nice crowd turned out for Danielle and it was a great little party with lots of yummy mexican food. 

I talked with the owner Lisa for a bit and she said they opened with the neighbors in mind so people didn't have to drive so far to town. They wanted a nice comfortable place and that's definitely what it is. :) We don't go out to bars much but I could see dropping in now and then for a glass of wine or a beer. 

Today (Sunday) has been all about getting ready to head out in the am. Food, clothes and of course everything that Ken had to load.  He has the harder job than me for sure!  I made enchiladas and cole slaw for dinner and put together the macaroni salad.  All done, just waiting for dinnertime :) 

Today is Flag Day in America and it's so nice to see so many flags flying! My cousin Erica in Austria is celebrating her birthday too!! 
We're ready to head out in the am! 

I did check and Utah State Parks are not open for camping until the 18th but Idaho parks are, and luckily the lake is on the border LOL. Once we're done there we'll see where the wind takes us, but we'll be back in about 10 days. Be nice to get away for a bit. As much as we love our home, it's always nice to be able to pack up and go. 

It's summer vacation, so we will have to check to see if either one or both of the grandsons are available for a trip somewhere after we get back. 
Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Danielle came over to take a quad ride...they had a good time, Danielle was a casualty but not hurt bad..
Ken and Joe explaining something :) 

Joe on the 400

Danielle on the 700 (my quad)

Stacey and Rylee on Ken's quad..

I can't believe we're at the middle of June! 

I stole this yesterday..It reminded me of Grandson Aaron's
laugh..just touched my heart..
Today my sister sent a video of her granddaughter (Cassidy)
laughing..I couldn't get that to load on here  but got this cute smile!

Love the wonder of it all ! :)

A quick Happy Hour next door! Time for bed so we can get on the road! :) 


  1. Oh my gosh .... your granddaughter is a cutie!! You have been a busy girl with all that cooking! It sounds delicious. How fun to have a local "joint" to hang out at occasionally. Plus it supports your neighbors. Your trip sounds wonderful. Congratulations Danielle!!

  2. Nice to attend the celebration.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the adventure.

    It's about time.

  3. Fun weekend. I love the old pictures. Cassidy is so big. She's beautiful

  4. Happy Birthday Mama! Love the old pictures so much!
    Congratulations Danielle! What a wonderful celebration turnout!
    Can you believe what our young grandchildren are doing on computers? It's crazy while we still fumble through. :) Cassidy is a cutie patootie.