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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Painting...Grandsons..this was quite the day!

Wednesday morning after breakfast I wanted to get the rockers on the porch and get some things done.  I told Ken we need a table in-between the chairs, so I found one of the Walmart TV trays we have and proceeded to paint it white.  Planted the bulbs and got the porch set up.  
The back porch,,

We headed next door so Ken could hookup Karen's fifth wheel to water and sewer as she has a lot of family coming in.  This way she can sleep in the RV and they can have the run of the house.  Smart thinking!  We got it done and then visited a bit.  My tummy was growling so I knew it was near 1300 and it was.  We had some salad for lunch and then I went back to put the 2nd coat of paint on the table.  About 1600 I was able to put it up on the porch.  

Well, that called for a celebration haha. so we moved our chairs and a table to the side of the bunkhouse so we could look at our updated porch.  Happy Hour ensued! We talked about how we love our home and the things we've done to it. It just gets better and better :) 

We eventually headed inside and Ken headed out front to the Blackstone to cook up some turkey burgers and french fries. It was a delicious dinner! 

We saw on Facebook that our youngest son, Russell and his oldest son, Jacob were at the recruiters office...Jacob is interested in the Navy but hasn't closed out other services.  

I got up about 0530 this am (Thursday) and started the coffee.  Did a few dishes that I didn't do last night. At 0630 I was going to wake Ken, he got himself up.  We settled on the couch to do our usual morning thing, catching up with RV bloggers, etc.  We had our breakfast and then I headed out the door to do a little touch up painting on the house.  There is some trim that was in bad need of replacing or it needed to be painted until Ken can replace it.  Because it's a few months down the road before it can be replaced I painted it. Looks much better.  Then I got reacquainted with my hula hoe.  We have a bunch of little green weeds popping up so I worked on a portion of them. When my eyes were burning from sweat, it's time to call it quits. :)  A shower really felt good! 

I texted our son Russell to call when he had time. He called on his way to work and updated me on our grandson, Jacob.  Long story short, he's taking a test at home on the computer on Sunday.  It will be sent off  and once the recruiter has been notified he can pull the test scores.  Jacob is hoping for swift water rescue, EOD or Seal so we'll see.  A test he already took the recruiter said he has no doubts Jacob will qualify. :0  Russell and Jacob met with the Marines and Jacob has met with Air Force.  Once the test scores are in, he'll make his decision. ;) So proud of you, Jacob!

Ken had gone next door to visit with Karen's kids from CA and her mom.  Before he left I had to call him my "my one hand wonder".  We all know I don't like (hate) the lizards.  On the back of the house there was this dead weed, I know there would be a lizard in there.. I told Ken, "I don't like that area"..he took the shovel and with his left hand he cleared it out. :)  Hence..the one hand wonder.:) 

I came out of the shower and he came back from Karen's about the same time. Since he was dangerously low on beer he rode with me to town to pick some up.  His first outing since coming home. 

I heard my phone texting while driving so when we pulled into the driveway I saw it was from grandson, Adam saying..."I got the job"  YAY!! He interviewed last week for a Park Aid job at CA State Parks.  He called this am saying he hadn't heard anything other than the supervisor hadn't sat in on interviews so he was having to talk with employees to see what they thought.  Well, guess this afternoon they made their decision.  He's going to college because he wants to be a Park Ranger.  This is an awesome "foot in the door" position! We are  happy for all of our grandsons making their dreams come true!!
Love the red legs freshened up!!

Got a call tonight that Adam had traded in his 2 well drive Jeep Patriot and bought a 4 wheel drive Subaru Impreza..  Guess it's a sign of adulting when they  grow up and buy a car on their own.  His interest is high the first year..as he has no credit. But it's all on his own..Proud of you Adam!! I hope it gives you happiness for many years!

We went over to Karen's for a bit this afternoon. We visited with Lindsey, Carlos, and other family members ...a great day! Made Ken a couple of paninis for dinner once we got home. Eventually we called it a night.. 

Have a good evening!


  1. Nice to hear everything is going well over there, love you back porch, looks so inviting.

    1. Thank you George! I think every parent and grandparent is happy when you see your kids/grandkids doing well! I know we worry from the time they are born what life holds in store for them..we are very grateful!

  2. You do indeed have a lovely home. The house, the bunky, the outhouse, the neighbours, Ken....had to throw him in there! Your place sounds so inviting and one day we hope to see it.
    Glad to hear that Ken is coming along, I meant to say that in yesterday's comment, sorry.
    Yay for the grandsons! They are certainly growing up to be fine young men and I hope Jacob gets his wish with the Navy Seals, that would be awesome too.

  3. Thank you Patsy! We are looking forward to your visit! His followup appt is today so we're excited to see what is next! Yes, we are very blessed in the grandson category (son's too haha)..Exciting to see what the future holds for them :)

  4. Nice job, Shirley, that porch looks very inviting. How nice to read about your grandsons. Sounds like they are growing up to be fine young men. Though, it goes way to fast...doesn't it? Ken must be feeling better he noticed he was getting low on beer...LOL

  5. Thank you Deb! We are very proud of those boys (guess it shows huh?!) You are right, way too fast! Yep he definitely knows when he's low on beer! haha..

  6. Glad things are working out for all the Grands.
    Also happy to read that Ken is not overdoing it with his shoulder.
    The porch is looking nice.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer weather.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick! I know as grandparents we are happy they are making their futures come true! No he's pretty careful with it :) I do like the way the porch turned out :)

  7. Hmm....I must've skimmed over the part where Jacob talked to an Army recruiter. But I guess soldiers have to have someone to follow behind them. Hooah.

    1. I'm not sure why he didn't (or if he did and I don't know about it) talk to the Army...nosey grandma will have to ask :) Again, I'm partial to the Marines! Semper Fi , OORAH!

  8. Some awesome grandsons you have there. Nice that know the direction they want to head in the future.
    Glad to hear Ken is moving right along on the recovery road, even if it is one handed.
    Your home sounds and looks wonderful, very homey and welcoming. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful news with us.

    1. Thank you Deb..we do feel very blessed that the grandsons are growing up and figuring what they want to do. I know with our kids that they wouldn't be allowed to just sit and play video games after high school :) Yes, Ken is doing well and we're happy about that..still he has a hard time not doing anything, so he finds little things :) thank you for the comment about our home..we love it, but know it doesn't work for everyone. Luckily we don't mind the small town, and having to drive 50 + miles one way for the big city.