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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ophthalmologist appointment, Electrical problems and some baking!

Yesterday we headed for Reno and Ken's ophthalmologist appointment in Reno.  We headed for a quick run through Winco first as his appointment wasn't until 1120.  Love that store and it's hard for me to make a quick trip, but I did. 

We were hoping the glaucoma surgery was a success and fixed Ken's issues. It didn't! The pressure in his eye is a couple of points higher than it was before the surgery...darn!  His doctor gave him some serious eye drops to try for the next month.  One drop in the evenings. It could discolor his eye and cause his eyelashes to grow. As long as it works that's all we care.  If it doesn't the doctor said there are still other options. He has an appointment on the 29th of October. We're hoping for the best!  
My garage sale dresser needed a little care on the sides. Ken
glued it up and he put the knobs on..Tomorrow you'll see
it right side up :) 

After we left there we headed over to Total Wine. We're in Reno right?!  We spent some time and got some good bottles of organic wine.  I ended up buying a case (12 bottles) of different kinds.  I figured we're there so why just get six? haha..I joked to Ken that I spent my social security check on wine and health insurance. Got the yearly increase notice of an extra $58.00 a month I'll be paying for health insurance.  $12.00 for aging ( better than not aging!) and the rest is just because they want to.  Don't want to rush 65 but it'll be cheaper then!  

I was talking to Ken's mom on the phone when we left Total Wine and we were headed to chinese for lunch.  Well before you know it we passed the exit and ended up at Carson Valley Inn..ok with me..my favorite place anyway.  Carmen had our drinks without even asking and then she pretty much knows what I'm ordering..5 alarm turkey burger without the bun and fries ( I only ate 4) so I don't feel too bad about that.  Ken changes between a few things, but we're really pretty predictable. haha. 

We left good and stuffed. Before you know it I had my nap on the way home. I had been awake since a little after 0200 so I was tired.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Couldn't have been the 1/2 carafe of wine I had could it?! Nah!

Tuesday night when we were in the kitchen the electricity was going on and off and the lights were dimming.  Eventually it cleared itself. Yesterday morning we got up and no electricity in the original part of the house which includes kitchen, living room and green bedroom.  The blue room and main bathroom had power. Oh boy!  Ken fiddled with it a bit and then we had to go to Reno.  When we got home yesterday he went back out to the electrical box and the one in the blue room..anyway he got it narrowed down to what he thinks the problem was!! Yay! Hopefully he'd get it fixed on Thursday. 

This morning we were awake about 0600.  I plugged in the coffee pot using the main bathroom's electrical plug.  We visited with friends and got our day going. After breakfast Ken left to go to town and get the new circuit breaker that was needed out back. I was in the kitchen doing things but not using the oven. Our stove is gas but with electrical ignition so had to use a clicker to start the burners. 
These are spinach artichoke zucchini bites..before they went
in the oven..they were yummy! 

Once he got back from town wa laa a little while later lights on in the kitchen! YAY! For $48.00, time,lot's of patience and common sense we have power back on in the house. Electrical is not Ken's strong point but sure couldn't tell me that after these couple of days! Sure don't realize all you use electrical for until you don't have it! Thank goodness we didn't have to call an electrician either!! 

I spent the day in the kitchen doing some baking.  We're having tacos for dinner so got that all together so all I have to do is cook some shells for Ken. 

I smile every time I use this moose hot mat.  Grandson Adam
gave it to me for Christmas many years ago..but I find it's the
one I use most often! 

Thanks Patsy! These are awesome! Chocolate chip cookies with
dark chocolate
I only made half a batch as
I'm the only one who eats them! 

Peanut butter and banana flourless muffins..the right peanut
butter makes all the difference :)

Well, you know what time it is!  Happy Hour!  Have a wonderful evening all of you! 


  1. Hope the drops do the trick for Ken's eye.
    Your baking looks sooooo good. Cheryl is annoyed that our trailer oven just won't give even heat so our home baking is minimal these days. You'll have to start posting some of your recipes Shirley. You can't tease us with pictures! :-)

  2. Nice to get those things done, most important lotsa wine. The baking looks, good too, can't miss happy hour..

  3. I'm glad Ken's hair didn't light up while he figured out the electrical issue. :)
    I need to get some of those eye drops........makes the eyelashes grow???? Your spinach/artichoke treats look good. Glad the cookies turned out. You can flatten them with the back of a spoon or fingertips so they are stackable on a plate. :) Aren't they yummy!?