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Friday, February 16, 2018

We have a leave date! Taxes all week, not even mine!

Well, this week has flown!  I don't think I've been out of the house since Monday and that was just a run to Scolari's for a few things.  The weather here has been cold, morning lows around 8 degrees and highs only in the 40's.  

Ken's been outside most days doing different things.  I know he's started every vehicle we have, which we have too many for only two people!  He was starting some of the quads, not sure what he got done there.  He washed my Patriot and the Tundra (got all that desert dirt off) I know he watered all the trees, but due to no rain, it's got to be done.  They are mostly drought resistant but we need rain!  

We've had our usual mornings together with our coffee and blogging friends but after breakfast we do our own things.  Back together for lunch and then on with the afternoon.  
Ken got this sign up, our Christmas present from Eric,
Christina, Seth and Mason.  The boys picked it out :)
Grandchildren complete life's circle of love :)
Daughter in law Cheryl made the flag above for us a year ago
or so..

Sign I picked up in Yuma..love it!

Next to our front door..

Every year I work on our oldest's sons taxes.  Several years ago he was taking them to someone, who charged a fortune and I looked at it and said I can do this.  So, I have.  This year there were some changes with Adam going to college (expenses) and Bryan had paid into an HSA.  Well, as with anything with the IRS, it's not as easy as it seems. Long story short, that's where I spent most of the week. Probably should have used turbo tax,or something, but I like seeing my own figures first. Oh well, that's done!  Now on to gathering my stuff. 

Ken says I need a break, so this morning we are heading for Carson City.  We'll visit Walmart to see if we can find some lubricant for the tread mill that's trying to kill both of us!  Stop by Lowe's so we can get what we need to make a pole for the trailer and our new flag :)  We'll do whatever else we need to do and then head to our favorite Chinese restaurant.  We know we have a hard time finding good Chinese most places we go. 

Ok, we've decided next Thursday the 22nd will be our leave date to slowly start heading for Tennessee! That should give us time to get all done that we want.  First stop, Winnemucca NV to drop off taxes and stay at the New Frontier RV Park.  A Passport America park so in the winter about $10.00 a night.  

Middle son, Eric called on Wednesday and we had a nice conversation. He talked to his dad too.  Always nice to hear from the kids :) They've got a couple of pregnant goats, due in a couple of weeks so he's been working on a new pen and he made a gate with their "ranch" name..I love it! 

The one on the left looks like she could be
carrying more than one baby..

Milking stand practice! 

The beginning of the gate..
Russell, Lori and Aaron are headed to Portland for the weekend for Aaron's basketball tournament (some craft beer drinking too I'm sure).  They're flying so I'm sure they'll enjoy that better than spending two long days on the road! Have fun Aaron! 
Aaron (5'10", 150 lbs) he'll be
13 next month..heck of a
basketball player! 

Have a wonderful day!  


  1. Better get with Turbo tax. I'm hooked on that now. Whatever it says I believe.😯.

    That Aaron is a big boy!

    Bet you're looking forward to Tennessee. Beautiful state. My Dad retired just outside of Nashville in the small town of Hickory. Visited there many times.

    1. It's amazing he's that tall, his brother is 6'3 and our son, is 5'7 or so..don't know where the height came for these two boys. I have to agree with you about turbo tax..shuda used it! I know Hickory, beautiful area. Ken's brother Don lives about an hour south of Nashville in a little town called Cornersville. We look forward to the visit every year. :)

  2. You two have certainly been busy. Always nice to have an "escape date".
    Really enjoyed your pictures.
    Not quite 13, 5'10", good at basketball, and handsome. He is going to be a hit in High School and I am guessing he is pretty popular with the girls.

    Grandchildren do complete the circle of love. Great sign.

    1. Thanks Deb, I've barely been outside this week! Not only is Aaron a sports player, but a straight A student and as sweet as can be. Not that I like to brag..hah.. I love that sign, had me in tears when we opened it..of course the boys knew that would happen...haha.

  3. How nice that you have a leave date, keeps you dedicated to those darn taxes! Ha!
    Love the picture of the goats and the gate is cool as is the car behind it.
    Cute picture of Aaron, no question why he plays basketball!

    1. Yep, gonna get our stuff together for the taxes today. Going to be 65 here today so a great afternoon to put some stuff back in the trailer and get the bed made with clean bedding..Been to cold to be out there. That's the 61 Chevy we gave Eric to restore, it's getting there! Yeah Aaron's a sweetie.

  4. That goat milking stand is a first for me. Very cool, and it looks like the goat doesn't mind it as long as the feed bowl is full.
    Lots of chores to do before you hit the road. Stay focused!

    1. My son made it for the last goats they had a few years ago..never been used, but it will be this time. We're on it Dave, to get everything done!

  5. Always nice to have a date in mind. Keeps one motivated or at least it does me.

    Nothing like having taxes out of the way. Glad it's taken care of.

    Great pictures.

    1. It is keeping us motivated, shows us how much we have to do to get ready..in the middle of the night Ken said, Oh I have to do the wheel bearings on the trailer..haha..supposed to be 65 today so a great day to get that done!