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Sunday, February 18, 2018

A nice fire and a pretty lazy Sunday!

Friday went exactly as planned. We headed for Carson City and got what we needed and more at Walmart...always happens that way doesn't it?  Then to Lowe's to get what we needed to make a flagpole for our new flag. For a little over 6 bucks we're thinking we'll have a nice pole so we can fly the flag. 
We saw this beautiful piece at the Smith's in Dayton..

No license plate, in need of some TLC..that roof is
custom made don't cha think..

Lunch at the Golden Dragon was delicious as always.  After that we headed home and enjoyed the late afternoon after getting home. 

Yesterday morning, after visiting with friends we slowly got the day going and I got into gathering the tax stuff and filling out the package our CPA sends. Really not that hard just figuring the medical and contributions takes the longest. Got it done early afternoon! Yay!  Good to go for another year. 

Ken loaded up our fire pit with wood for a fire yesterday evening. He called our neighbors John and Karen to see if they wanted to come over.  They love a good fire as much as we do so they brought over a couple of drinks and came to visit.  Karen's mom bought a house in town and then it basically got torn apart. She had a handyman working on it, but he left and hasn't been back in six weeks or so.  John is helping out but the place is a disaster at this point.  They had just gotten home from working over there all day, so we were really glad they wanted to come over. 
Loved this cloud last night

We visited for a couple of hours and then they went home. Ken and I sat out there for a while after and then the winds really picked up and we came inside. We called it a night and off to bed we went.  
Love our fire pit..

I woke up about 0530 this am and put the coffee on, woke Ken about 0600 and we did our usual morning routine. I made a couple of omelettes for breakfast and then some general cleaning.  About 1145 we headed to town to take a look at Karens mom's (Izzy) house.  OH my!  The whole place has been ripped apart and poor John has a hard task ahead of him. I can't even imagine. Wish I had pics, but didn't think it the right thing to do. When we did our house it was one room at a time, and that made the rest of the house livable. It's going to be awhile before Izzy can be  living in that house.  Right now she's staying with John and Karen. 
The sun was really lighting up the clouds..

Sand being stirred up by the winds..

We came back home and I made some hummus, veggie wraps for lunch.  After that I went out to the trailer, made the bed and put a few things away. The wind is still howling! So now we're having a lazy, very lazy afternoon. 

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday as we are..


  1. Glad you two are Safe. Seems like we are all getting strong winds.
    Too bad your friends can't go to Small Claims Court to get their Money back from the Handyman. He took advantage of an Elderly person and they have Laws against that.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your trip.

    It's about time.

    1. I said I thought someone needed to be sued and she's thinking he'll show back up..I don't think so. John (her son in law) told her not to use the guy, that he knew what kind of work he did and it was crap, but she did it anyway and now this is what happens. Thanks Rick, we're so looking forward to the trip!

  2. As I write this the Stinger "B" is a rocking and a rolling. Okay it is just rocking...lol
    That was a great cloud you took a picture of and the campfire looks wonderful.
    That is awful what happened to your friend's mom.

    Cute travel trailer. I am just guessing but I think you may be right about the roof.

    1. The wind is kind of fun for a bit, but quickly gets old especially if you're out in it! Loved the cloud glad I was able to get a picture. I hope someone can track down who dumped that trailer there. I'm thinking whoever Izzy hired, bit off a lot more than they were capable of, which is why they didn't come back.

  3. That pink red cloud was very pretty. Sounds like the routines of home life have set in. Hope your weather is okay. The Southwest is going to have a cool down this coming week 😱.

    1. Just as we're getting settled we're leaving again ..Yay! We're cold, very cold..20 degrees with a feels like 10..high of 35..hope it's warmer where we're headed on Thursday. Be fun to be back on the road again!

  4. I have renovated a few houses but usually a room at a time , They sure do have their work cut out for them. Nice red cloud in the sky and a wonderful campfire/

  5. Yes I agree with the one room at a time..that's how we did ours. I looked it up online, and when she bought it was definitely livable. Shoddy help she got and now it's up to son in law to pick up the pieces and put it back together..Thanks, we enjoy our fires, when the wind cooperates.

  6. What a shame that Izzy's house is in such a state. We know what it is like to be ripped off by a 'so-called' contractor. Learned a valuable lesson about references and such.
    Taxes done, you should soon be ready to pull out again. Love the pink/orange cloud over your out buildings and Ken in the fireplace glow with the bunky behind. :)

    1. Yep..we leave Thursday! It was a nice night for a fire, not so these last few days..windy and freezing..oh well..it is winter after all :)

  7. Love the cloud, great picture.

    The home made roof was interesting, I was trying to figure out if that perhaps could be used like awning over the door. Maybe Izzy could use it while her house is being fixed.

    Too bad about the contractor however if the son in law already knew about the work quality I'd be willing to bet suing the fellow won't get you anything. He'll have left a string of these projects behind and Izzy will be one in a long line of people trying to get money to complete the job.

    Hope you're heading back southward when you hit the road, otherwise you may find it a tad chilly on the way to Tennessee. Safe travels!

    1. Thank you Deb..I'll tell you that trailer was getting tons of looks! Funny, I don't think it would suit anybody, looked like it would fall apart in the parking lot. I'm sure you're right about the "contractor"..he actually was a "handyman" that way she thought she was getting it cheaper..well she found out about that the hard way. Yes, I'm thinking we're going the southern route. Can't believe in just a few days..excited!