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Friday, February 2, 2018

Arizona Marketplace, A great visit with Bill and Patsy

Yesterday morning (Thursday) we left here around 0900. We wanted to be at the Arizona Marketplace when they opened, but that didn't happen. Not a lot of people were there yet. It was on the cool side but it warmed up quickly.  Lots of vendors and you could probably find most anything you were looking for. I'd definitely go back. 

We ended up finding the American flag we wanted, most stores sell 3 x 5 and that's just too big for the trailer. We found 2 x 3 and American made.  Funny we paid $20.00 for the one made in America and they were selling the ones made in China for $14.99 that looked the same as the one we bought.  We like to buy American made when we can. 

I bought a sign just like the one I saw in Parker.  Would have bought a couple of more for little gifts but I got the last one! We were ready to leave and were walking out and there was a vendor selling long sleeve shirts that Ken likes to wear. Found him two Wrangler shirts for 2 for 13.00.  Can't beat that! 

I heard from Patsy  (Chillin' with Patsy) yesterday morning and since we were leaving today they invited us by for a bit.  They are at the Yuma Lakes RV Resort.  I texted her we were on our way if that worked. It did!  We ended up spending a couple of hours just chit chatting away!  We could have spent more time I'm sure, but it was time to get going.

This is how Patsy gets herself in pictures..thought it was
pretty cute! 

Ken and Bill talking about everything! 

The rose between two thorns..Ken Patsy and Bill..
I know we're already looking forward to next year, if not before. You never know! 
Coming in on their road we saw a sign that said, Mitry Lake 7 miles.  We knew Mitry was somewhere over near our campground so we decided we'd take that way home. NOT...We got down the road a bit and it turned into a dirt road.  Since we really had no idea where we were we didn't want to chance it and it was after 1430 we made a U turn.  

Since that put us going back to Yuma we figured we might as well get gas and ice since we were putting that off until Friday. After we got that stuff out of the way, we decided to go ahead and get an early dinner at Daybreakers once again.  Not what we planned but what the heck it worked. 

Awesome looking crops all over Yuma and surrounding areas

Anybody know what crop this is?  It was almost black in the

My sign I got...love it :))
We got back to camp to enjoy the evening and sit outside until after dark.  Just love this area. 

The moonrise is still incredibly beautiful..love watching it! 

Today we are moving on after lunch.  Headed to Quartzsite this afternoon for a few days.  We're hoping to check into a sun shade for the trailer and a few other things.  Hopefully we'll get to see Tom and Deb later before they move out tomorrow.  

With that being said, time to make some lunch and get going! 


  1. Sounds like a fun day you had love the Arizona Market Place. Should have got your sunshade in Yuma, I think Shade Pro has left the area here in Q. Nice to visit those guys while you can and hey we are at DomeRock for a few more days yet.

    1. Hoping it's still there but if not we'll definitely get one next year. Are you at Dome Rock on Monday? We will definitely stop by..

    2. Heading out Tuesday morning drop on by.

  2. Pretty sure that crop was red lettuce. Usually we saw fields of various shades of green and red lettuce grown together.
    I think the Shade Pro tent is still up on the north side of Kuhen St. I saw it today. I bought one in Yuma at AZ Marketplace and we love it. Sure came in handy here at LaPosa.

    1. Yes Dave there were some fields of the green and the dark. Oh good, we'll check it out today. Hope they are still there. Marketplace was cool..I would definitely go back next year.

  3. Looks like you had an excellent day.
    Plans are like quotes, they can be changed.
    Love the sign!!
    Safe travels.

    1. Very true Deb..ever since we saw that sign, knew I'd get it if I saw it..certainly fits our family haha. Feel so blessed that every day is wonderful.

  4. Sounds like Tom and I are definitely going to have to try and make it to the Arizona Market Place. Then a nice visit with Patsy, Bill, and Clemson and dinner out not a bad day at all.
    It was nice pulling the curtain back this morning and seeing your home on wheels across the way as the sun peeked over the mountains.

    1. Aww.we're so glad you guys decided to stay! Look forward to visiting tomorrow for sure! I know you will like the marketplace..good way to kill a couple of hours!

  5. Two wranglers for $13! Good deal. I use a little three foot ladder from my home self portraits. Have to laugh at Patsy's setup. Unique to say the least.

    Great moonshots. We've been lucky to have such a beautiful moon this month.

    You would have come out on Imperial Dam Road if you had followed the Mittry Lake road. Near your place.

    1. The moon has been beautiful! Love the clouds too behind the mountains. We just didn't know for sure which is why we didn't take the road. We did notice that there is no signage this year from Imperial Dam Road that says Mitry Lake and I know last year there was. The shirts are really nice..thinking we'll buy more next year! He had a variety of different brands, wrangler, levis, and more..