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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Got a site, Bullhead City and Mexican food..Quiet afternoon..

We were moving! Someone left the campground and we got the site #23.  Got here and got set up and then just spent some time until close to 1200 and we left to head to Bullhead City.  We needed to go by the gas station and the bank to get some cash. 
Our huge site! 

We decided to go to El Palicio for lunch.  It was a toss up between Mexican and Pints Brewery. We both decided to give El Palicio another try.  We've been several times over the years and but last year I wasn't crazy about it as it was really salty. 

Jose, our waiter brought the chips and homemade salsa.  Chips were really salty, so much we couldn't eat them. They weren't warm so we thought they didn't make their own. We mentioned how salty they were and a few minutes later we had warm chips with no salt on them! When we ordered we asked that there be no added salt to the food. The food was wonderful and there were no complaints. At the end of our lunch Jose brought us fried tortilla chips with cinnamon and sugar along with whipped cream! Even Ken had a piece.  Honestly I would definitely recommend this restaurant, if you don't like too much salt request the unsalted chips and ask the cook not to add salt to the food, it has plenty! Great prices too..at lunch. 

Mini Chimichunga and homemade refried beans..yum
$5.99 lunch 

Called the Mexican flag..steak, carnitas and chicken burrito..
Ken  loved it!  $6.99 lunch

Love the colorful setting..

After that we took the drive through Laughlin again and headed towards home. The Oak Ridge Boys are playing in Laughlin so we got a few pics of their bus. Don wanted us to go with them to see them in Nashville, but we weren't sure if we would be there when they played there. 

Got back to camp and just vegged..I went outside with my book and Ken stayed inside with his checkbook..thinking my afternoon was more fun! After a couple of hours came inside and watched the news for a bit. Then we both headed outside to watch the sunset and the stars come out. 
The sun going down..

Talked a bit about our trip to TN and how far to go tomorrow. While that was going on the camp host came by to see when we were leaving. Apparently there were 4 rigs in the overflow tonight.  She sent couple number 1 to us to put out a cone in the am. Really nice couple so we're glad our site is going to them. They are camp hosts during the summer at Lassen National Park in CA. They live in Vegas and this is their getaway camp. 

I say I'm glad it's going to them as yesterday we were headed for the campground.  A Class A sped up and passed us,  got right back into the right lane.  He turned into the campground and it was obvious he passed us to get in front of us at the entrance station. He didn't get a spot and probably went to a casino, but he was right there this morning driving around waiting for people to leave. He obviously asked our neighbor this morning as he pulled his atv there before the people left. Rude...I'm glad our site is getting these nice people. 

We sat outside until after dark and enjoyed the stars and the quiet. Hard to believe with a full campground how quiet it is..

These couple are for you Russell...:) 

Had to get these for you..

Proud Marine! 

Tire cover on his trailer :)
Have a wonderful day! We're headed out to Tonopah, NV for the night. Home tomorrow.  22 degrees this am in Yerington, so y'all enjoy your warm temps there in Arizona! 


  1. Beautiful spot you found. I met the Oakridge boys in a small bar in Salem, Oregon way back in the early 80s. Love their harmony.

    Looks like Laughlin is a big city. Never been there.

    Good luck on your journey east.

    1. They are a great group..love old country music can't stand this new country.. Laughlin is actually one good size street of casinos and Bullhead City is a long city with everything you need (kinda like a small Yuma)..kinda nice contrast..:))

  2. We swath Oakridge boys in Myrtle Beach quite a few years ago and trie dot talk Suzie into going to Laughlin, missed them in Ontario last summer and now again here.
    Looks like an excellent lunch love good Mexican food, Travel safe and keep warm.

    1. thanks George, all is good here..cold though so enjoy the warmth!

  3. Looks like you and Ken are having a nice relaxing road trip back home. What a nice spot you ended up in at the State Park.
    We have seen the Oak Ridge Boys a couple of times. Yes, they even perform up in our neck of the woods...:)
    Stay warm.

    1. It has been nice..yesterday we did 350 miles which is more than we like to do, but Beatty or Tonopah, so we chose Tonopah. Makes for a short trip of 150 miles today. Warmth is gone :( 23 at home, 40 feels like 32) here..so enjoy the heat! :))

  4. We love the Oak Ridge Boys, but never saw them live. :-( Cheryl like the guy that sings bass.
    I've made a note about the Mexican restaurant. We'll try it when we are there in March.
    Safe travels!

    1. They are a group I'd like to see but we didn't. I do think you'll like it (the restaurant) but just remember the salt :)

  5. Looks like a very nice spot. Glad you enjoyed your outing. I agree about the salt, I can salt my food at the table if I want salt, they don't need to add it for me.

    Safe travels home.

  6. Thanks Deb. We'll be home later today. You travel safe also :)

  7. So sad to see you leaving the warm area but I know you have obligations. Lunch looks great, we'll keep it in mind. Bill doesn't do Mexican food though so hope they have something more American.
    Good pictures. I'm happy for the new couple to get your spot too, stuff like that 'bossy' motorhome irks me too.
    Safe travels tomorrow, get your taxes done and get outta there!