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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Catch up..not much service to blog..:(

Well, we've spent the last two nights at Cathedral Gorge State Park outside Caliente, NV.  We love this park but unfortunately internet service is really slow. I could barely respond to our friends posts. Knew there was no way to get a blog out.  

I'm going to catch myself up (so this old brain doesn't forget) and then post it this afternoon wherever we end up.  

We left Ely, NV after having breakfast at Margaritas where we had dinner the night before.  They have a nice little senior breakfast menu so we both had a ham and cheese omelet, Margarita potatoes (hash browns with cheese, bell pepper and onion) and a piece of toast.  (We don't mind the one slice of bread, as that's all we would normally eat at a restaurant.) Yummy breakfast for $5.25. 

We headed out for about 7 miles and made a left towards Cave Lake State Park. We spent a few days there last summer with the grandkids and wanted to see how it looks in the winter. Beautiful. The lake normally freezes solid and they hold an ice sculpture event there. I saw that it was cancelled this year due to lack of freezing. They're making up for it now.haha..Took a few pictures and off we went. 
Coming Lake outside Ely, NV frozen over

Cave Lake, NV with ice..

The boys were swimming from here last summer

Fishing dock..there were footprints out on the lake ..not me..

We left there and headed out for about a 130 mile drive.  Found our favorite spot was open so in we went.  Nothing too exciting as it was pretty windy and chilly.  We enjoyed the afternoon and looking at the beauty that surrounded us.  

No traffic..highway 93..

Ranger gave Ken 4 home brewed beers..He loved this one.
A brown ale..

We had leftovers for dinner and then watched the movie, MUD.  WE've seen it a few times but to me it's like Overboard, I can watch it over and over.  It stars Matthew McConaughey and it's filmed in Arkansas (could be another reason I like it)..great acting and just a good story. Then bedtime. 

Yesterday morning we got up and had our drinks and checking in with blogging friends.  There was no wind and it was cool, but not bad. Decided after breakfast to take the trail to Miller's Point Overlook.  It's a mile in and a mile back. Ok ready.  It's a beautiful trail and before you know it there's a metal staircase going up, ok..then I look over and there's more upwards and that's where I stop.  My body does not like being on the edge of anything and that's what it looked like. I told Ken to go ahead and he did.  There's lots of steps going up to Miller Point. When he came back he said I wouldn't have liked it so he was glad I didn't attempt it.  Coming down the metal staircase he said you could see where there was a lot of washout from rains.  

Sunrise at Cathedral Gorge State Park NV

Always reminds me of a mini Bryce Canyon with the

Water Tower CCC's built in the 30's 

Picnic Area

We're on the trail to Miller Point Overlook..

As far as I could go..

Ken went on and up to the overlook..

Those wooden steps down low stopped me..too much over the
edge for me..

There he is at the overlook..

This is such a beautiful park..

OK we're doing the Juniper Loop trail..4 miles. 

Love the line here..

On the Miller Point Trail we didn't see any of these..until we
turned towards the campground we didn't see them either..
strange the way Mother Nature works..

He met up with me and we continued on.  We got to the end of the trail and there's a sign for  Juniper Loop Trail.. 4 miles. Ok let's start and see what happens. It was a beautiful trail running along the hills and hoodoos and it didn't seem like a four mile walk.  The wind came up a bit but it was nice.  Got back to the trailer about 1230.  I got out the salad makings and we had lunch.  

Got some special anniversaries coming up this week and next and I wanted to get some cards and get them in the mail.  We drove the 15 miles to Caliente and found a  Family Dollar, so was able to get them and get them mailed. Caliente is a cute little town with a small grocery, variety store, couple of restaurants etc.  

We headed back to the trailer and Ken got some firewood out and we enjoyed sitting by the fire, just watching the hills change. Ken bar b q ed some chicken and I did some broccoli, squash, mashed potatoes and gravy.  It was a delicious end to the day!  

Today, Wednesday we're heading out. Not quite sure where yet. 


  1. Catherdarl Gorge is gorgeous! I definitley need to add that to our list of must-sees!
    Hope you are heading toward warmer weather. Travel safe!

    1. It is beautiful there..and not too crowded. Yep we're headed south.!

  2. Wow, great pictures. Looks like a great hike.

    You need some warmer weather.....I'm cold just looking at the pictures.

    Safe travels.

    1. Thanks Deb. We're headed south looking for warmer weather definitely!

  3. Such a wonderful trip you are having but the cold weather would not be liked by us. Love your pictures.

    1. Glad you liked the pictures. I tend to get carried away, We're ready for warmer temps too!

  4. What great views Ken must have got at Miller Lake overlook. We have a Miller Lake in northern Canada, I went there as a child but I know we wouldn't see anything but tall trees!
    I agree, you need warmth. I'm chilly looking at the snow! Safe travels. Nice that you are enjoying wherever you end up. :)

    1. It's a great place, but we're ready for warmer weather too..headed south but sure was cold in your neck of the woods yesterday!

  5. The pictures of the State Park are gorgeous, what a beautiful park. I am with you every once and awhile I get to a point and I just cannot make myself go any farther. Especially if the stairs are completely open. Seriously, get somewhere warm...lol Glad you are enjoying the journey that is what it is all about...:) Be safe.

  6. yeah Deb I hate that I can't go further..when I was younger "no Fear" but a totally different story now. We're headed to warmer country now. Laughlin 66..hopefully Gila Bend tomorrow..

  7. Beautiful park. You two are really taking your time and enjoying the winter weather. That trailer must stay mighty warm. Loved the pictures but as close as I care to get😎.