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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Congratulations Aaron! We headed back to Georgetown on Wednesday...Camping today!


Congratulations Aaron!! 
One more driver in the family!

Monday Adam and Erin left to take a drive to French Meadows.  I was at the house and just enjoyed the day.  

Once Adam and Erin came home in the later afternoon we ordered pizzas from Terry's in town. We weren't sure when Bryan, Cheryl and Mia would be back from Idaho but we knew they'd be ready to eat. 

It was around 2030 when Bryan pulled into the driveway.  We visited and enjoyed a Happy Hour together.  I didn't go to bed until 2345 with Bryan right behind me.  A great visit! 

Cleaning up after the Tamarack Fire along HWY 395

Never have we seen so many Nevada Energy trucks working in one area!

Tuesday morning I was up and outside about 0600. A beautiful morning before the heat hit! Cheryl made a wonderful breakfast of bacon, eggs, english muffins and homemade blackberry jam! Yes, I did enjoy it! 

Bryan took my car to the car wash and filled the tank.  Once he got back home he vacuumed the car to get out all the Lucy hair :) I left shortly after to head home. 

Adam said to Erin, "Let's go to the beach" so they left before I did. Love their adventurous spirit!! 

I visited BevMo in Auburn before heading out. Bryan gave us a gift certificate, which he shouldn't have done. I spent it and more, got a couple of bottles of wine I haven't tried before. 

I pulled into the driveway just after 1500.  

Ken said Karen had called and she couldn't go camping after all. She had forgotten her mom had a biopsy she needed to take her to.  

I looked at my phone and had a text message from Cheryl.  Bryan was coming home in her car from getting chicken food and it overheated liquid spewing everywhere. Oh no, he was waiting for a tow truck for the 2nd time in less than a week! Our plans for camping changed too! 

Wednesday morning we left here in two cars heading for Georgetown once again. We dropped off our orange Patriot for them to use for as long as they need it (hoping it doesn't fall apart) LOL.  The garage can't look at Cheryl's car until next Thursday. 

We visited for a few minutes and then we headed home.  Once we got to Gardnerville we headed for Sharkey's, a casino with a great restaurant.  It was after 1600, so this was dinner.  YUM! 

Hop Valley IPA for him, Chardonnay for me :) 

Once we were home, we sat outside and enjoyed Happy Hour watching the sun go down.  

Good night from Yerington, NV

We're heading to Walker River State Recreation Area this morning for an overnight camping trip. Karen won't be going, but we figure we were almost ready anyway. Maiden voyage with "Nellie" (the motorhome) and the CanAm. It'll be warm but they do have water and electrical hookups.  A little barbecuing for dinner. 

Time to get a move on! Have a great day! 



  1. So sad to see how the forest is burning up.

  2. Congrats to Aaron!!! At least the power company is doing repairs. Not good to see the fire damage, but at least they don't have to worry about it again for many years.

    1. Thank you Nancy! Very true! Seems this area gets it every year though..