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Monday, July 26, 2021

Night in the Country was a roaring success! A few days doggie and chicken watching. Visits from Eric, Ken and some grandkids :)

Got this off of FB this am..Saturday night's concert at Night in The Country in our little town!
AMAZING!  I don't know the artist (Chris Janson) but he sure got the sold out crowd moving! 

 I did get out of the house by about 1030 and headed to Georgetown, CA where our oldest son and his wife live.  I first headed to Antelope to drop off some beer we've been keeping for our youngest son, Russell from when we were camping. Wouldn't really matter if it was regular beer but this was some craft brews that we picked up specifically for him and Lori.  

Night in the Country 2021! Amazing how many show up for this! Ken sent these..

Pools everywhere! 

Just amazing! Lots of skin showing everywhere from pics I've seen on FB!
Looking for pics of our old neighbor Stacey, she's supposed to be here
from Alaska! 

I was lucky enough to find Lori at home so we were able to chat for a little bit. 

Headed to G town and got there around 1530.  Cheryl was just getting ready to text me that it was wine time!  We enjoyed getting caught up and they showed me my duties for the next few days. 


They have a contest for best campsite..this one's pretty good! 

Two pools and lots of people! Very clever!


Thinking there will be lots of hangovers this weekend...

I just love this! How you stay cool at Night in the Country!! hahah. 

Volleyball in the mud! Looks like fun! 

Cheryl made a nice salad (always tastes better when someone else makes it) and some zucchini crisps in the oven.  Around 1800 Adam showed up to spend the night. Always nice to see grandsons! 

Grandson Adam..he should be on a wilderness hike with another ranger
until Sunday...wildfires would determine..He and Erin will be here
Sunday night! 

More visiting and around 2140 we went to bed.  

Alice and her baby..visitors to Bryan and Cheryl's..

Adam was leaving early so I set the alarm for 0500 so I could make him a breakfast sandwich for the road.  He left about 0540 as he had about an hours drive to his barracks at work.  

Bryan and Cheryl got out of here around 0730 I think headed for Caldwell, Idaho.  The dogs and I had a nice leisurely day here at their home. I did some reading, computing etc.  Stuff I don't do at home during the day because there's always something to keep me busy 😊

After putting the chickens to bed I was going to have a glass of wine outside, nope too hot.  So the dogs and I enjoyed some time together in the house. They don't like being out in the heat either πŸ˜…

One of the reasons I am here...Daisy Duke πŸ’œ

Found out Raider doesn't like having his picture taken...even though he's a handsome devil! 

Talked with Bryan for a bit.  They had a nice long drive but they made it! He sent me a couple of pictures with Cheryl reading to the little grandkids..thinking they're glad grandma came to visit / babysit. 

Cheryl and the grandkids πŸ’™

We went to bed about 2130 or so.  Raider on the chair in the room I'm in and Daisy started off on the bed with me.  Sometime in the middle of the night she left. About 0430 I was awake and feel this big bump on the bed, tail wagging Raider jumped on the bed to finish his night πŸ˜„ I laid there awhile and at 0545 got up for coffee. 

This morning's smoky sunrise at home...

Another slow, hot day.  Ken should be here in a bit.  

We had a nice surprise, Adam came to spend the night again. I made some tacos and we all had an enjoyable evening.  

Sunday morning Adam left to go to work for his "Friday".  Ken left in the morning after breakfast to visit with his mom in Carmichael for a bit before heading back home.

I had headed to Mar Val, the grocery store next to Bryan's property and got a call from middle son, Eric.  He was at Bryan's house so I quickly picked up a few things and hurried back.  A little later grandson Mason came to visit too! :) We had a nice visit for quite awhile. 

Eric drove the 61 Chevy Impala...his project car.

Mason in his little red truck, with a great sound system...

Adam got back here around 1600 with Erin not too far behind. Visited awhile and then I ordered Chinese from the place in town. I cheated on Ken! We haven't had Chinese in over 18 months, I couldn't resist! Yum and way too much food.  

Szechuan chicken...Ken will get some of this tomorrow! 

Right before we left to pick it up, Mason called so I took his order and by the time we got back he had just pulled up. A really nice evening with the kids. 

Blurry...but, Erin, Adam and MasonπŸ’™

Talked with Bryan and they'll be heading home Monday. Hopefully they're taking a different route home, just because they can! 

This morning (Monday) I was up about 0530 waiting on coffee LOL.  It's warm and a bit overcast.  Did my chores getting the chickens fed and out of their coop, gathering eggs, watering the veggies and some plants and playing with the doggies.  By then Adam and Erin were up.  

I made egg sandwiches for them as they discussed what to do with their day together. They've decided to head for French Meadows and some swimming. Those two love to go! Raider isn't happy, he misses his "boy" when he's gone. 

Bryan, Cheryl and granddaughter Mia will be here later today and I'll head home in the am.  

We're planning on an overnight camping trip with Karen and her grandson Cameron on Wednesday.  Our first time taking the motorhome out and her first time taking her vintage 1972/73? motorhome out too. Quick trip but better than nothing :) 

Just a little group that represents Night in the Country!
Happy people out for a good time!

Have a great day! 

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  1. That's a crazy lot of people! So smart of them to bring their own pools!! I've never heard of it before, but obviously it's a hit!! You could make a fortune selling hangover cures the next day. Looks like you had fun with family and babysitting the fur kids.