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Monday, July 12, 2021

Congratulations Jacob! Stampede Campground with family! Looking forward to company!

Jacob, (our new E4)..Russell, Lori and Allissa 💖

Me, Jacob, Ken and Mason 💗

Allissa, Jacob, Ken, Mason, Lori, Russell and me 😀
 Last Thursday morning (8th) we finished last minute things and headed out just about noon for Stampede Reservoir just over the border in CA off Interstate 80.  We got to the campground just a little after 1400.  About 1/2 hour later Russell, Lori, Jacob, Allissa and Mason came around the corner.  

Our camping spot...





We let them get set up and then decided to head for the lake for some fishing. The lake was gorgeous, even though it was low. The boys fished and we all visited. After a few hours we headed back to get dinner started and eventually Russell, Jacob, Allissa and Mason came back. It was getting dark haha. 

Ken barbecued some burgers and Lori brought the sides of baked beans and watermelon. YUM! Eventually we called it a night, around 2330 we went to bed. 

I was up just getting coffee on Friday morning around 0600 when in comes Allissa and Jacob.  Jacob said, "Grandma guess what?"  "You got it!" he said "Yeah"..there was a little screaming and hugging!! A little later his dad did the same thing!

Jacob told us the night before he was up for promotion to E4.  He found out at 0130 in the morning he got it!!!!  3rd Class Petty Officer (NCO,E4). AC3 Kay..he's an air traffic controller in Italy. His dad promoted pretty quick during his time in the Marines..but Jacob's beating him only 18 months!  Jacob has some big goals in his Navy future and we'll be here cheering him on! 

Russell going out on the kayak..

This group was having a great time! Lot's of kids and water toys! 

Russell coming back..

Russell making a slushy from the beer we brought him from Shoetree Brewing..more foamy than slush

Jacob reeling in a big one! 

Jacob caught the biggest one! Catch and release...

Mason 💙

Jacob 💖

Mason 💙


We decided to celebrate with some mimosas and breakfast.  Ken made eggs and bacon, I did the biscuits and gravy.  Specially requested by Jacob earlier in the week. 💕

Then it was down to the lake for the day.  A lot of fishing was done and sunbathing (maybe a little burning).  It was a great day! 

Back to camp to get dinner started. Ken was barbecuing chicken and Lori provided the sides. She made a delicious macaroni and cheese and a caesar salad. Yum.  

A couple of Jacob and Allissa's friends came by as they were camped at a nearby lake. That was nice for them to see each other. 

Saturday morning Russell made the fixings for delicious breakfast burritos for everyone.  Oh so good! Around 1030 we said our goodbyes, hugs all around. Wish it was longer but we take what we can get 😊 Jacob left for Italy on Sunday morning. He plans on coming back at Christmas 😍

Jacob and Allissa 💙


Today was spent getting ready for company coming tomorrow!   I wish it wasn't so darn hot here!  It's 102 right now at 1717! uhhh...

Boca Reservoir ...beautiful lake! 

Doug and Michelle, you will be my guinea pig on this Loaded Baked Potato Salad..😆😱

Have a great evening! 


  1. Oh that salad!!! And the fish ... I do love fishing, but haven't been in ages. Nice they are biting for the kids. Looks like a beautiful spot in spite of the heat. You can always stay in the water!!

    1. I enjoy a slow moving river fishing, but haven't done it in a long time either. It is gorgeous I want to go back soon! The salad tastes pretty good after a few days..kind of like spaghetti or stew..

  2. Looking forward to our visit! Can't wait to try the loaded baked potato salad and oh my, that breakfast burrito looks fantastic!!!! See you in the triple digits! Stay cool! Doug and Michelle

    1. So glad you both came to visit! It was awesome! The salad is much better now. Come back and have some!!

  3. You couldn't be in a better spot with that heat!! I'd be loving it, on the water and sunbathing!! I'm not a fisherman so I would watch with a book. :)
    Congratulations Jacob!!
    A great time was had by all, I can tell from the wonderful photos.
    That salad looks delicious!

    1. Yep it was a great spot to be as it was so hot (we forgot ez up)...It was a wonderful time, good to be able to spend time with the boys and family! The salad is better now after a few days of mushing the flavors..

  4. Congratulations to Jacob, I have been wondering how he was doing.

  5. Congratulations Jacob! That salad.....

    1. Thanks Elva...Actually I wasn't too impressed with the salad, but now that it's a few days old it tastes awesome! Needs a few days to mush for the best flavor!

  6. Congratulations to Jacob! It's good to be back in "Blog Mode". I've missed writing and reading other blogs. What great fun with family you had over the weekend; you just can't beat it!

    1. Hi Cheri! I know what you mean about blog mode LOL. Family time is the best time!!