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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Staying home mostly..Tamarack fire..smoke fills the air..Heading for CA today!

God Bless the Firefighters...these are fighting the Tamarack Fire..which is now almost 44,000 acres

Here we are almost another week has flown by!  We've been home mostly other than a trip to Raley's or in Ken's case, True Value.  Ken's helping Karen with her pool filter etc. We've been inundated with smoke from the Tamarack Fire near Markleeville, CA.  Seems there are fires everywhere and the firefighters are certainly keeping busy! 

The view out my kitchen window...

Most afternoons look like this now 😟

I've cleaned some closets only 1 left and for some reason I find other things to do so I don't have to clean the last one haha. Saving the worst for last.  Not that bad, just where my extra comforters etc seem to get stacked. 

Another gorgeous sunrise...

These were really faded after a couple of years in the outhouse..

So I didn't have to clean the last closet, decided to whip these up instead..

Much better 😃

Today, I'm heading for Georgetown for the weekend. Bryan and Cheryl are heading for Idaho for a quick trip to see her grandkids in the morning.  They've got dogs and chickens so I'll be there to keep an eye one them.  Ken will head over sometime during the weekend and stay a night or two.  Adam will come visit after he gets off work on Sunday. Hopefully Erin too.  😄

A beautiful sunset helped by smoke in the air...

We should be looking at mountains....

Not the best picture as I took it while driving..but Night In The Country is
back this year! Our little town is inundated with RVs and thousands of wanna be country people! 3 days of partying going on! Cody Johnson headlines tonight..I do like him! A great money maker for the Boys and Girls Club...

Bryan's car broke down on him coming home from work the other night and Cheryl's a/c went out on her car, so I'm loaning them mine for their trip. 

They'll be back sometime Monday with granddaughter, Mia coming home with them for a visit 😊 Other than pictures, I haven't seen her in a few years. 

Time to get this posted and work on getting out of here around 1000. Have a great day!


  1. I'm thinking I'll take this rain over that smoke. Bless our firefighters for their hard work.

  2. Have a nice weekend in a new location. The curtains are lovely and you'll get to that last closet eventually!
    The smoke does make for nice sunset photos but..........yay for the firefighters!

    1. Yes it is nice here..don't have to feel guilty for doing virtually nothing..LOL. Oh yeah closet will be waiting for me..yay..not so much! The firefighters are really being put to the test..along with the people who have lost so much :(

  3. Lots of smoke. Hope the fire doesn't get close. The red sunset is evident all the way here in Illinois.