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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Trip Home, Cleaning, baking and Money Pit ready to head to CA.

Thursday morning we slept in till about 0700 or so! We were at the Tonopah Rest Area so we knew we only had about a 2 1/2 hour drive or so to home. Had our showers and breakfast and pulled out about 1000.  

A beautiful drive all the way, not too much traffic going our way which was nice. A lot of people heading south! 

We pulled into the driveway a little before 1230.  I spent the rest of the day cleaning the trailer and unloading stuff. Ken did his thing with the truck and trailer too. Once I was done with the water in the trailer, he pulled it over to the dump here and then winterized it.  Even though it's only sitting for a week or two, with these temps here, it's got to be done.  16 degrees here this am. 

About 1600 our neighbors called and said they had started a fire, so we headed over for Happy Hour or two.  We called it quits pretty early, came home and pulled out leftovers for dinner.  Watched some Lonesome Dove and called it a night.  

Friday was spent taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning house. Loads of laundry were done too! Ken took down the lights on the bunkhouse and outhouse and kept himself busy. Karen had mentioned that she wanted a HUGE fire on Friday night so Ken went over there to split some firewood for them since we were going to be enjoying the fire too. John is able to get telephone poles from his work, so it was cut to length, so Ken just had to split it. 

Close to 1700 we headed over for a few hours. Very nice way to spend the evening. Home for a late dinner and then bedtime. 

Saturday morning, we got up near 0600 and checked in with our blogging friends.  All good there! Watching Pioneer Woman now and her healthyish cooking this am. 

Time to get the day going! Today's plan to take down the bunkhouse decorations inside and get clean sheets on the trailer bed. Before you know it, the day is done!! 

Have a wonderful day! 

UPDATE Later in the day...

Well, I wanted to get this posted this am..didn't happen! Ken got the Money Pit loaded on our trailer so we can take it to CA next weekend (as long as weather cooperates)..OUr friend K.C. is buying it.  Bittersweet, but again it is named Money Pit for a reason. He knows the issues and still wants it. 

The Money Pit is loaded and ready to go to CA

I did some baking after getting the trailer bed made and the stuff traded out in the bunkhouse. All back to normal for 11 months or so. I made some soup/stew for the next few days. We're not really soup people, but because it's so cold salad just doesn't seem to cut it. Banana bread made for Ken's coffee in the am too.  
Ken's soup..fresh veggies, potatoes, low sodium white beans
(I didn't take time to make fresh)..potatoes and andouille sausage.
Mine had the fresh veggies and a little sausage..I'm not eating
beans or potatoes right now. 

Skinny banana bread for Ken
I was trying to decide what to have for dinner and then it hit me..haven't had George's tuna melts in a long while.  So made up two..Ken was having leftovers from camping and this along with a small salad hit the spot! JalapeƱos, under the cheese. YUM! One left over for tomorrow night. 
Tuna melt with hot sauce..YUM

Have a great evening everyone.  We've got 0815 breakfast plans with our neighbors, Joe Stacey, Rylee and Stacey's mom Susan..so better call it a night at almost 2300!! 


  1. Nice that you managed to get rid of the money pit finally.
    Haven had our tuna melts for a long time , glad you enjoyed them, so tasty.

  2. So tasty and so easy to make! It was yummy and with a salad perfect! Yeah, it's been back and forth with selling it or keeping it..but we would have to put about 2,000 dollars into it just to keep it road worthy (diesel leak, and 4 tires)..so it was time to go. We did have some great trips in it though.

  3. Good memories with the money pit but time to let it go. :)
    You accomplished a lot in a couple of days, now things are spic and span ready for the next trip!

    1. Yes pretty much they are..can't wait! I know..just one of those things with memories..:)

  4. Imagine all the money you'll save now!!
    You have managed to accomplish a great deal in such a short time. I thought the soup and banana bread looked wonderful. In fact they looked so good I could almost smell them.
    Safe travels.

    1. Aww..your'e too sweet..actually gave the neighbors half today of the bread..but it's so easy i make it a lot. I'm sure we'll save money on the money pit..I just wanted Ken to be ready to do it..and now he is..:)

  5. It seems to be a common name for Vehicles these days. Glad you got rid of your's but we still need our's.
    Nice looking food.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Know what you're saying Rick..uhhh..it's sure hurts the bank book! Glad you like the food..we're hoping for comfort food for a few days..without being too bad..

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