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Thursday, January 24, 2019

We've got a surgery date...but still in limbo..

First things first...Ken had his surgery appointment this afternoon at 1545.  Surgery is scheduled for March 25th in Carson City.  We were hoping we could have it in Gardnerville but they don't do the shoulder replacement there :( Oh well..They want Ken to have an MRI and they say they schedule that ASAP but they schedule it not us :(  The MRI will be in Gardnerville (I was wrong Deb) and his blood work is in Yerington.  So hopefully we'll hear from the scheduler tomorrow or Monday and can get that done ASAP and still be able to head south. We're hoping!!! 

Not sure when our friends are leaving Q but hopefully we can catch some. :) 
So that's the update! 

This week we were mostly home, there was a trip to Reno, Carson and Minden for a CVI lunch.  

When we bought the house, it had a handicapped ramp..but now
it's time to replace the rubber..shows how the NV sun has gotten to the
bottom part. 

Flourless chocolate chip cookies for me..they work..
Not as good as real...hahah

I made unstuffed cabbage stew/soup..it was yummy!
With turkey burger..

We had a little weather...

We had a little wind..

Day use area 

The state park entrance

Yesterday I tried a new recipe for Morning Glory Muffins
for Ken (took 4 to Karen)..He loved them!

Wednesday we took a drive to the newest state park in NV just to see if anything else had been done.  We were there a few months ago for the grand opening.  A lovely park and lots of tractors out there working on it.  Nice way to kill a couple of hours. We headed back to town and had their 1 trip salad bar for lunch..yummy and I didn't have to put it together.  

A few days ago I was interested in an Air Fryer.  I mentioned it to my neighbor, Karen and she says..."I have one, never used, take it home and try it" so I did. Last night's dinner was awesome, but the timing just didn't do it for us and trying to flip the stuffed chicken breasts didn't work. I think it would be awesome for fries and other things but I think I'm good with using an oven. 

Because neither of us like driving in the dark anymore we got a room at Carson Valley Inn in Gardnerville.  I'll probably drive here after Ken's surgery and stay as Carson seems to always have its issues.  I'll look for rooms near the surgery center but I know that I feel safe here. 

Have a good night everyone! Happy Hour in the room and then CVI for dinner. 

Thanks all for wanting us in Arizona and caring about Ken and the surgery! Hoping to see you soon!! :) 


  1. I hope the scheduling goes according to your wishes and that you are able to head south soon.
    The stew looked amazing. I'm going to look that up and try it.

    1. We sure hope so Deb! The stew was wonderful, I added more veggies than it called for and after a day or so the flavors meld nicely. Pinterest for the recipe.

  2. Hopefully things work out and you can still head south for a while.

  3. Getting a surgery date was the plan and that happened. Now let's all hope that the MRI and bloodwork works out soon so you can head this way. Come hook or crook, we'll see you here!
    You and your new food dishes!! It always looks delicious!!

    1. Believe me once the MRI is out of the way we're hoping next week we'll be out the door..hoping the scheduler calls soon! I know, I'm having fun with these dishes and luckily my guinea pig (hah) seems to like them too. We usually have salad for lunch but he wanted something warmer in these cold temps..

  4. At least, as I mentioned, you have a surgery date. Now the MRI date, hopefully soon.
    Both times I had my knees done Tom was able to stay right in the room with me. Maybe that would be an option for you.
    Lots of good thoughts coming your way...(((hugs)))

    1. That's interesting about staying in the room I will check that out! Hoping we can still make it south...I"m definitely keeping the phone nearby!

    2. Sorry I missed that about Ken's Surgery. Hope every thing works out for that and maybe we'll meet again this year.
      Be Safe and Enjoy!

      It's about time.

  5. That's the plan Rick! We got an MRI date of next Tuesday so we plan on heading out Wednesday morning! YAY!