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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ken's MRI, We're in Amargosa Valley tonight!

Tuesday morning we set the alarm so we could be sure to be up and going. I had no problem with that as I had been up way before.  Had our coffee and treats while we checked in with our blogging friends.  We left the house before nine as we were headed for Big 5.  I needed a new pair of tennis shoes so we headed there first.  I found some I really liked.  It's funny because I will certainly spend on the grandkids (or when our kids were young) but I hate spending on me.  Found a pair I liked and bit the bullet for $29.99..ahhh.. on to Walmart..I did a little grocery shopping and then looked at their shoes.  Found a pair for $8.98 and thought what the heck..and then a pair of sandals for $1.00..OK those are mine!! Real sandals, not flip flops.  

We headed over for Ken's MRI, got him signed in and to the right area. They took him real quick and after awhile he was out.  He said the head technician asked about his shoulder, Ken explained what was going on and he said "Your shoulder is really jacked up!"  Good to know hahah. He told Ken he's doing the right thing! 

We left there and headed to CVI to see our favorite waitress, Carmen so she wouldn't worry when we're not there for a month or so. She is a sweetie and she was glad we came in.  We also saw the server that brings us ice (because we order alcohol). I had a little Christmas card for her because she has the sweetest smile :) But wouldn't you know it, couldn't find the card so she actually came out better :) 

After linner we headed home and then we loaded up stuff for Karen and went next door for a few minutes to drop the stuff off.  Nice visit and then home. Her daughter, Amber had emergency gall bladder surgery so she's there for a few days.  We visited a few minutes with her. 

Had a nice evening at home and then it was time to hit the hay!
Yesterday I wanted some radish hash browns.  they were yummy!

Ken's plate...scrambled eggs with peppers and some hash browns.
Today I mixed the hash browns with my egg beaters..even better!

Good night Yerington, NV!

Love this little shed in Luning, NV

The old jail cell next to the shed! 

Set the alarm for 0430 this am as we so we could finish up the things we needed to do.  We left home about 1000 and stopped next door as Karen had fresh chicken eggs for us.  Hit the road at 1030.  I know that sounds late but we knew where we wanted to end up and not like there's lots to do once we got there.  
Had a beautiful drive down highway 95 and we are now parked at Armagosa Valley Rest Area for the night.  Watched a movie that wasn't bad and now another while I write the blog.  This one sucks, which is why I'm blogging haha.
Mountains on highway 395 near Bishop, CA...love them!

Our lunch spot Tonopah, NV rest area..

Tomorrow we will spend the night in Parker, AZ and Friday hook up with our friends in Quartszite! 
View from our lunch spot

Tonopah, NV...Here you go Russell Kay! Should do it

Our spot for the night, Amargosa Valley, NV..the rest area..

Good night from our home tonight!

A final good night!

I would say Happy Hour but it's been the last couple of hours. I think I'm heading for bed! 


  1. Keep travelling safe and enjoy some warmer weather in Parker, see y'all Friday.

  2. Maybe you'll find that little Christmas card by next Christmas for the waitress. Those things happened to me when I had a house. Not so much now.Less space to lose things in.
    I want to make a radish hash brown, anything special you do to them?
    Keep on truckin' - unless you are here early, we'll see you down the road in Yuma. Travel safely!

    1. Believe it or not, I found it exactly in my purse where I looked after we got home. But I can still use the card for next year haha. The hash browns are easy, slice or grate, put them in a pan with butter or spray, fry them (you'll know when they're done) doesn't take long..I cook onions and bell peppers with them too. Add your seasoning and delicious! Now Ken said to tell you he likes them best with lots of ketchup and hot sauce..I should have taken a picture the other day...he's not crazy about them honestly. hahahah. We'll see you in Yuma, as I know us and we won't be early :(

  3. That's a pretty concerning comment from the MRI technician. Ken needs to be careful not to increase the damage between now and the surgery date. The surgeon will expect the shoulder to be in the same condition as the MRI imaging, and as you know they don't want surprises.

    1. Ken knows his limotations I'm thinking..don't think he wants to injure it further..which is why we're here..he can't do anything ...haha.

  4. Hoping to see you again when you stop in La Posa South.
    Hope Ken doesn't injure his shoulder more then it is.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Love those mountains in the distance! Glad you folks are soon going to be in the warmth. Sorry we're going to miss you again, but we're heading out tomorrow morning. Continued safe travels.

    1. Oh no...I was hoping to catch you both! Safe travels to you two..hopefully next year! Bummer!! :(

  6. I think he'll be fine..he knows his limitations I think. We'll look forward to seeing you both next year!