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Friday, January 25, 2019

Quick update, we're out of here Wednesday morning!

Got a call about 1220 today and Ken's MRI is scheduled in Gardnerville next Tuesday at 1300 hours.  YAY! We'll get some shopping done and Wednesday morning we're heading out for a few weeks to visit friends in Quartzsite and Yuma! Yay!! We still have to be back beginning of March for Ken's eye appointment and then some bloodwork and a physical for his surgery.  No trip to Tennessee this year, but definitely next year.  

WE woke u this am at 0700 after a wonderful night's sleep at Carson Valley Lodge. Got ourselves ready and then headed over to CVI for a great breakfast. Ken had their special of Chicken Fried Steak and eggs with a biscuit covered in wonderful gravy.  I got a veggie omelet, (which was delicious) gave Ken my potatoes and saved the toast for Jack the dog next door.  I did take a bite of the gravy and 1 bite of his steak.  haha.  Jack does well when we eat out, there's always leftovers! 

We were home before noon. Unloaded the car and everything put away. It's a nice day here 52 degrees for the high. Ken worked on getting the trailer light back on our little trailer we use for wood. 

I cooked the last of the chicken breast with spinach in it that didn't get cooked the other night.  As long as I had the oven on figured I'd make some zucchini tots. Yum. 

That's about it for today. We'll spend the weekend getting ready to go so we can head out first thing Wednesday morning! 

Have a great evening everyone! We will!! 

Ken's brother Don has this beautiful old house in TN that we love to visit. His neighbor gave him this old picture of Don's house not long after it was built. Look at the clothing! This pic is a treasure. 

How the house looks today...

Click on the pic to make it bigger and it'll bring in the people..

Grandson Adam sent a few pics of his adventures the last few days so I had to put a sampling: 

Crazy kid ...uhhh..

Looking at where they want to go

Climbed to the cave...

Adam at the beach..too close to
the waves for my liking..


  1. Yippee! I hope you both got the vibes all of us sent you from the Q. Glad to hear you can slip out for a while. Hope Ken's shoulder is doing okay for the journey.

    1. YAY! we're so excited and we will definitely see you guys in Yuma! Our summer travels may be curtailed with his healing, but this trip he'll be ok for the travel.

  2. What great news. Looking forward to seeing you both next week.
    Sorry you will miss your trip to Tennessee, though. The picture Ken's brother was given of their house truly is a treasure.
    Your grandson certainly is the adventurer looks like a beautiful spot they visited.

    1. We're looking forward to it too!! So excited! Yeah, Adam has way too much adventure in him! Love Don's pic too!

  3. That is so wonderful that you guys can get away, it will be awesome to see you guys again, travel safe. We be in the Q area for a mother couple of weeks probably.

    1. Yes we're both so excited! Can't wait until Wed so we can leave! YAY!

  4. Fantastic news. So glad to hear you'll be heading into the warmer weather soon. Perhaps our paths will cross this year.
    Grandson is far braver than I am. lol

    1. Thanks Deb, yes we're hoping to meet you guys too! I'm thinking grandson is way too brave for my tastes..young and dumb!

  5. Glad they aren't wasting your time waiting for Ken's surgery. Hoping everything goes smoothly.
    Weren't we all the Cray Kids years ago?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. At least with the MRI out of the way we can head south for a month or so!YAY! We wish it was before 3/25 but this way once we get home he'll be able to get a few things done before he's not able to for 6 months or so. Yep you're right I was a lot braver when I was younger. Wish I still had some of that left in me for sure!