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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Leaving Parker, not going to Death Valley, Tonopah, NV

Wednesday morning we set the alarm for 0430 Arizona time..or so we thought. Either way I was awake before it went off.  We wanted to do a load of laundry before we left the park since we were headed to Death Valley NP.  Got ourselves up and then somewhere in talking we decided to just head home. We've got some things we want to do before heading back south and I have the time to get the house cleaned up from Christmas.  

Since we were up anyway, we took our time and got ourselves going slowly. With all those hours we were actually out of the park by 0800!! We never do that, but since we didn't do laundry we were ahead of the game.  Said our goodbyes to John and Karen and headed out.  They weren't too far behind as they caught up and passed us along the way. 
Near Buckskin Mountain State Park..

Lot's of boondocks along the way..

Lake Havasu

The wind was not fun once again as a lot of cross winds. Long story short, it was a good drive and this morning finds us at the Rest Area outside Tonopah, NV.  A good place to spend the night and we were the only ones here.  
Our sunset near Tonopah, NV

Our view out the window this am..clear and cold!

We turned the heater down before going to bed as we prefer cooler to too hot when sleeping.  I woke up about 0400 and it was freezing!! Went to turn the heater up and found we were out of propane.  Not really out, but Ken had to go outside and switch bottles over. Outside temp was 13 degrees! Inside didn't feel much warmer.  Had some frost on the windows inside! We're nice and toasty now. :)

After visiting our friends online, showers and breakfast we'll head home. We're only a couple of hours from there. 18 degrees there now and warming to 49! 

Have a wonderful day everyone!  


  1. Nice that you had a good day and finally got warmed up. Not to clean up the house and head back south again, safe travels.

    1. We came home to no wind so it certainly felt warmer! Got the trailer all cleaned and ready to go again. Now today, the house!

  2. Hope to see you again headed south soon.
    P.S. Leave the cold weather behind.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Believe me Rick, we plan on leaving the cold weather behind!

  3. Sometimes our decisions change for the better. Your home will get cleaned up and you can leave again for the south with no worries of what you'll go back to. Safe travels!

  4. We'll get some things done and head out near the middle of the month! Yay..looking forward to seeing everyone again.:)

  5. I know what you mean about just wanting to get home and get things cleaned up and organized. I always loved putting up and enjoying the Christmas decorations but at some point it always felt good to have them put away.

    Looking forward to seeing you both in a couple of weeks.

    1. I love Christmas so love getting stuff up early and enjoying, but once it's over it's time to get it cleaned up.Glad you made it safely to Q!

  6. Glad your plans made you happier. Always nice to get things back to where they normally belong. Stay warm.

  7. Staying warm here is a challenge :) 16 degrees this am..thank goodness for the wood stove! Yes it was nice to get things done and back to normal for sure!

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