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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Couple day catch up...

Monday morning we got ourselves up and going as we wanted to head to Carson City and get ourselves home in time for lunch. So after our usual visiting with friends online, showers and breakfast we were out the door at a reasonable hour. I say that, because I don't know what time it was haha. 

Had a nice drive and Ken dropped the generator off for repair. They've got a February 3rd date to be finished, but we're thinking it'll be before that and if not no biggie.  

On to the bank where we put the Money Pit dollars.  No plans to spend it anytime soon just nice to have a cush.  After that we were pretty much done and headed back home in time for lunch here at home.  

Nothing much except being at home and doing a few chores. 

Tuesday morning we awoke around 0600 and had our usual morning.  We stayed home all day and got some things done around the house. I decided to make some potato soup with a ham bone. Cooked the bone till the meat fell off. I cut up and heated some various vegetable to put in there too. It actually turned out pretty good.  Ken had some left over chili I had made the other day and I ate 1/2 cup of the soup with a salad.  
Potato, ham and veggie soup/stew...

We had a spaghetti squash to eat so I mentioned making spaghetti squash crust and pizza.  Ken went for that one.  I had all the things I needed so got them cut up and ready to be made. 
Ken's part..olives, mushrooms, oysters..mine, layered veggies..
It was yum!

In the afternoon Ken made his part and I made mine. When dinner time came we both enjoyed our parts of the pizza! YUM! 

Wednesday morning Ken ran to get the propane bottle filled for the trailer and he made a trip to the dump to get rid of some old tires. For breakfast I had found a recipe for almond flour biscuits..hmmm..I made them this am and they were really tasty. Ken had a bite and thought it was good too. I used egg beaters so the carbs and cholesterol were minimal.  Just what I'm looking for. They don't rise like regular biscuits, but that's ok with me. I'm just happy to have a biscuit! haha. 
Almond flour biscuits..yummy! Not like Grandmas makes
but it works..

Ken had the potato soup/stew for lunch this afternoon and he said it was good. This afternoon I made a veggie bake casserole, Ken barb qued some chicken thighs for him and I'll have a salad with the veggies. I sat outside with him while he cooked, but now we're inside and he just started a fire in the woodstove. It's getting cold out there. 
Veggie bake casserole..every veggie I can think of..a little cheese
and sour cream/yogurt mix..
Happy 8th Anniversary to our nephew Dusty and wife Chelsea! Cute couple and now they have those 2 adorable kids Owen and Cassidy...

Dusty and Chelsea 8 years ago..
Ken's brother Don had a couple of trees removed and it certainly opened up the views and the house looks awesome!  It's looking like we won't get to see it in person this year :(  Cornersville, TN! 

Nice and open to the sun now

Love this place! 
All of our blogging friends are in Quartzsite now..wish we were there! 
We'll know a week from tomorrow if we can head there and meet up even for a few days! We're hoping! 

Happy hour going on.  Hope everyone has a great evening! 


  1. Wow a productive few days. The veggie bake looked wonderful.
    Happy Anniversary to the happy couple!!
    Hopefully Ken's appointment goes well and you can do all those things you would like to do!!

    1. We already miss being in Q right now, but am hoping maybe we can head there for a few days after his appointment next Thursday. :) We love the veggie bake too, so simple and yummy..

  2. We'll miss seeing you this year but the years are flying by. Next think you know it will be 2020 and you'll be planning your Tennessee trip.

    1. Especially when you send us the pics of the house and cows and chickens etc. We definitely will miss that this year. You know we always look forward to our visit with you guys!

  3. Always something to do and always busy enjoying life, Hope you can make it here to the desert while we are in the area.

    1. Yes there's always plenty to keep us busy for sure! We're hoping so too George!

  4. Busy couple of days, so I guess that means you stayed out of trouble...lol
    Keeping our fingers crossed that things go well at Ken's appointment, the surgery is scheduled soon, but you are able to join us out here even for a couple of days. You are missed.

    1. Ahh that's too sweet! Believe me that's what we're hoping..yep..out of trouble for now anyway! haha.

  5. Your blogs are always full of delicious looking meals. Bill is so fussy when it comes to keto things (he's not a vegetable guy either) that I don't have too much hope in trying too many but I enjoy seeing them all the same. Ken is a good guy to try whatever you make!
    We are waiting with fingers and toes crossed that you can come for even a short visit. As Deb said above, we do miss you guys and your name comes up often during Happy Hours.