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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Amargosa Valley to Pirates Den RV Park, Parker, AZ

Believe it or not we got ourselves going at just about 0800 yesterday morning. Had a nice night's sleep but by 0430 I was wide awake so got Ken up at 0500 for some coffee and visiting with our blogging friends. 

Our boon docking site at the rest area..Amargosa Valley
The Brothel across the street a bit..

The Brothel..

My husband saw this sign and said "And the more positions you
know  the quicker you'll get hired" :0

There's a restaurant and gift store.  There's a gas station too
$2.87 a gallon for gas and lots of room for big RV's.  
Pink Jeep Company coming from Vegas to Death Valley...
Not cheap

Had a lovely drive all the way with a tailwind pushing us down the highway.  Gas got cheaper as we headed south, so that's always nice too.  Pulled over just outside of Lake Havasu for a bit of lunch in the trailer. Continued on and just enjoyed the views.  Always love this part of the country.  
Love these roads! 

Joshua Trees


Traffic wasn't bad at all..

Crossing over the Colorado..

We got checked in and found our site.  Ken did his thing outside and I did mine inside. The sites here are typical for an RV Park, pretty close together but oh well, it's just for a few days til after the new year. There's no cable or satellite and no tv reception. Of course we don't come camping to watch tv so that's ok. Wifi seems to work pretty well. 
We waved at the hand as we went by!

Lake Havasu..

The flag at Lake Havasu

John and Karen arrived around 1730 (Arizona time) so they missed checking in, but they found their spot before dark and he got backed in. Wish i had a picture of that! He does a good job getting that huge 5th wheel into these spots! We let them get set up and then they came over for a little Happy Hour.  Ken took our little red campfire outside and that certainly helped with the chill.  Temps are chilly for sure, but definitely warmer than home! 

We called it a night fairly early and they went home to relax.  They did the drive in one day, where as we took two. Nice to be retired! 

We awoke this am at 0500 or is it 0600?  We are so close to the river that our phones aren't sure what time it is.  Does it really matter? Nope.. Every Saturday through March there's a Swap Meet here at the park, so we'll head over later to see what they have that we don't need. 

Karen's daughter and family will be here later today to spend the night, so that'll be fun.  The party's at their house tonight. Hahah. 

Have a great day! I'm sure we will enjoying the beautiful Colorado River and even though cool, warmer temps than at home.  Waking up to 42 degrees here (feels like 35)..brrr...but home is 15 degrees at home. BRRR...


  1. Glad you made it to your destination safe and sound. The views are always wonderful. Enjoy your time there with friends.

    1. Yes never tire of the views! Too much fun with friends, actually slept in til 0700 this am..and we'll do it again today! haha

  2. Love it there in Parker and on the Colorado River. Even though chilly here like you said still much nicer than back home. Have too much fun there.

    1. Parker is a beautiful area and the river is wonderful. NO wind this am so hope we can enjoy some time by the river.

  3. Glad you along with your friends are all set up and wishing all of you a Safe and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

  4. I'm cold but Jerry keeps reminding me it's colder at home. Have a wonderful new years......Elva

  5. We love the drive too. I'm happy the hand at L.H. waved back at you! Glad to see you arrived at the park, I'm sure it is very pretty. Your daytime temps should rise to high 50's this week and with sun that isn't terrible. It will depend on the wind speeds. Enjoy! Yay, you are 'here'!

  6. Yes we are here for a few..we're actually gonna head back home for a bit and then back down to Q closer to when everyone is expected. Hubby can't sit still for long so it's better to do it this way. I'm happy with a kindle and can sit for hours. Oh well..No wind this morning makes for a happy camper here!