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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Mason goes home and a wonderful weekend with friends!

Wednesday morning we got up and got our morning chores out of the way after checking in with our blogging friends.  Instead of doing the treadmill for half an hour or so I've been going outside and digging up ragweed with the hula ho.  Gets me breathing heavy and gets something accomplished.  Ken has been working on the electrical for the bunkhouse so he's got 30 foot of it in and backfilled. 40 more feet to go.

We left here about 1215 headed for Wellington and Rosie's Restaurant.  Mason chose to stay home and play video games with his friends online.  I made him a sandwich before we left and it was gone when we got home.

We got to Rosie's and the gang was there waiting for us.  A great lunch (Thanks Joel!).  After some chit chat we headed home and the others headed out looking for new dirt roads.  I got some stuff ready and made potato salad to take for everyone. Cut up some summer sausage and cheese for the next evening.
That's Randi..Joel's wife by her bright orange UTV..

Through Wellington on their ride..

Thursday morning Ken, Mason and I went to breakfast at Dini's.  Mason likes to make egg sandwiches out of his breakfast and we figured this way no dishes to be done.  After breakfast Ken  came home to get things ready to take to Silver Springs.  I took Mason over the hill and met Seth in Auburn as he offered to get Mason.  Talked a few minutes and i went to a store there and then the grocery store and headed back over the hill.  
Mason and Papa waiting for breakfast..

I only had to go to Silver Springs where I met up with Ken.  An hour or so later all the UTV riders returned.  They had an over 200 mile day on the backroads of Nevada. We had a lovely evening and night. Didn't end up in bed until after midnight.
Ted and his son Matt were in this rig..

Ray and his son Preston stayed here..he got the camper for Free!

Ken bar b q ing chicken in front of ours

Joel and Randi's set up..

Johnny had this container put on his vacation property..cool
little set up..

His fire pit 

Friday was race day, the reason we were out there in the first place.  The Best in the Desert, Vegas to Reno (actually Dayton).  The goal is to win, then you go to Reno for the trophies!  There's motorcycles, ATVS. UTVs and then the trucks and everything else.  Speed!  We had delicious egg burritos that Johnny made!  I left about 1000 to head home so I could check in with our neighbors who were leaving for a week or so.  Got all the instructions and then I came home for a few hours. 
The fixings for breakfast burritos

Johnny cooking up a storm! 

Ken and Joel watching Johnny work..

Joel's rig providing shade in the am...

Don't know if that's enough cheese?!!

Keith going towards his UTV past Johnny's

I made some 7 layer dip to take for the evening and bought stuff for bloody marys in the morning. Around 1830 or so I headed over next door to feed Jack the dog.  He's a smart cookie I took his treats to his kennel so I could lock him up, no way would he go in.  I left him out which is ok.  

I headed back to Silver Springs and when i got there the party was still out watching the races.  I poured myself a glass of wine and just enjoyed watching the sunset. Ken came a little while later and closer to dark the rest of the gang.  (There should have been lots of race pictures as I gave Ken my camera...no pictures :( ..he forgot to take them)...next year! 

We sat outside visiting and munching on my dip until midnight again.  These late nights are gonna catch up with me. haha..

This morning (Saturday) I got up close to 0700, did a few dishes while waiting for the coffee to cook. Got Ken up and after a few minutes he headed outside to say good morning to the crew.  I joined them a few minutes later.   After about an hour of chit chat it was time for some bloody marys.  I went to the trailer and mixed em up!  I don't drink em but I did have a screwdriver..yum! Some more chit chat and it was time to get the trailer ready to head home.  We pulled out at about 1145. The four that were left, Johnny, Kelley, Joel and Randi were getting ready to go for another ride. They'll head home tomorrow. 

This afternoon was spent getting the trailer all nice and cleaned up and ready to go again. Don't know when or where, but we're ready.  haha.  Ken did his part too, at least I had air conditioning, he was out in the heat. Now it's time to wind down, happy hour wine and beer.  Gotta say it was a great weekend. Loved meeting and spending time with this group of people.  Now I'm sorry I wasn't out there the last 3 years, but i'll be going again next year! 

Our first little 5th wheel we bought in 1993 has been over in CA for the last few years parked at our son Bryan's house. They were going to use it as an extra bedroom for guests. We've stayed in it a few times ourselves.  Now it's time to move it or get rid of it.  Hoping that it will go to a family to put on their property.  It is a 19 foot Layton.  One of our first big decisions when it came to camping.  I remember signing papers for the loan and my stomach full of butterflies. In the scheme of things it wasn't that big of a purchase. I've advertised on FB for free and had tons of interest. Now it's trying to pick the right reason why they need it.  A grandmother going through a divorce after 43 years needs a place to stay :( One woman wants it for her uncle to live in on their property (she even offered to pay us for it)..he's had a couple of heart attacks..so we'll see how it works. I loved that little thing, so hope it still has a few more years of use in it.  

needs a mattress...

for 19 feet it's got a lot of room..

The refrigerator is only a few years old.

Needs a door..and has a roof leak..again
we're giving it away..a few dollars and good as new
well not quite, but definitely useable...

I told my sister Linda that her little granddaughter Cassidy looks like she did as a baby...I'm thinking I'm right :) 
Those eyes of Cassidy are definitely from
her grandma Linda...

My baby sister...
Have a great night!!


  1. Baby Cassidy is so beautiful! Was there chorizo in the egg mixture. It sure looked good. I will pray for you about the decision on who gets the 5th wheel. Your decision will have a big impact on someone's life....no pressure. LOL Elva

    1. I don't know there was a huge mish mash of all kinds of stuff! He had huge burrito shells but I got mine..there was no way to eat all that..we brought home some burritos Ken will have one for breakfast..and yes I know..so may sad stories out there..thank you...

  2. Busy as usual too bad Ken did not take any race pictures. Nice that you can donate that trailer to someone that needs it.

  3. What a wonderful time you had at the races! Your breakfast burrito mix looks sooo goood!!
    Cassidy is adorable and yes, does look like Linda did. :)
    Good luck with the 5th wheel pick. It is old and original and I also remember that stomach feeling when we bought our truck camper at $6,000.

  4. Glad you've had some enjoyable get-aways with family and friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Wow, that is some cooking machine! The burrito mix looks so good (as I write this without having had my breakfast yet to day!).
    You guys have sure been busy. Good thing you didn't have to bury the electrical for the bunkhouse 36 inches down as we do in Canada. Poor Ken.
    That Cassidy is sure cute. Cheryl says 'Awwwww'. You know......like Grandma's always do! :-)

  6. aww. thanks Dave..she is a cutie and they grow so fast like i"m sure you know. Glad you're back on the road sure do love your trips!

  7. thanks guys! It is nice to have such great friends..even though we don't get to see them very often..